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Each campus residence is furnished. Students should not plan to bring additional items until they see how things look after they move in. No upholstered furniture may be brought to campus unless it meets CAL133 fire safety guidelines (tag must be attached or certificate provided to the Graduate Residelince Director/Residence Director).

Dress – as on most campuses – is casual. There is no specific dress code, but reasonableness is expected. There are occasions when business/party attire is needed, e.g., job interviews, restaurant nights in dining halls, special events in the Berrie Center, and trips to NYC.

Various meal plans are available. Students residing in Pine, Laurel, Bischoff Hall, Mackin Hall or The Overlook Halls are required to have a meal plan. Additional information about meal plans is available from the Dining Services Office located in the Roadrunner Café or from the Office of Residence Life. In addition to meal plan restaurants, food is available in Roadrunner Café in the Student Center; the Curtain Call Café (gourmet coffee, sandwiches and snacks) in the Berrie Center; and the convenience store in the Pavilion.

All Residents

  • Alarm clock radio with battery backup
  • Bathroom rug(s)
  • Bedding supplies, including a pillow, comforter, and/or egg crate. All residence halls have extra-long twin beds except for several rooms in Pine Hall. For details about the Pine Hall bed sizes, please review the Pine Hall website
  • Camera
  • Class/desk supplies (available at the campus store)
  • Cleaning supplies (especially for bathrooms & tile)
  • Clothing for all seasons (include a swimsuit)
  • Clothing hangers
  • Computer with Ethernet cord (ITS internet resource:
  • Dust buster, broom, and/or vacuum
  • First-aid kit/prescription medications
  • Flashlight and batteries (candles and incense are prohibited)
  • Hair dryer/any necessary cosmetics
  • Hand truck/ dolly for moving your belongs
  • Hobby-related materials
  • Keepsakes from home
  • Large trash bags
  • Laundry supplies (may include a basket/bag, detergent, softener, iron)
  • Mattress protector
  • Magnetic memo board
  • Medical insurance card
  • Microwave-proof containers/dishes
  • Music player with headphones
  • Posters for walls (use only painter’s tape to hang posters on walls. The use of nails to hang anything is prohibited. Although painter’s tape works, it still needs to be removed very carefully or it can create damage. Damages from nail holes, tape residue, or damaged paint are charged to student’s account).
  • Reading and floor lamps (no halogen bulbs)
  • Renter’s insurance for your personal belongings
  • Sand or beach chair for outdoor reading or lounging during warm weather.
  • Small lockable storage chest
  • Small sewing kit
  • Sports equipment (basketball, volleyball, tennis racquet and balls, etc.)
  • Storage crates (small and stackable)
  • Supplies for your car (if applicable, including a small snow shovel and de-icer)
  • Surge protector – UL rated power strip ONLY
  • Telephone
  • Television (with cable cord)
  • Toilet paper/toiletries
  • Towels
  • Video game system
Bischoff, Mackin, and Pine Hall
  • Hanging storage shelves, for the closet
  • Padlock for closets/desk
  • Reading and floor lamps (no halogen bulbs)
College Park Apartments
  • Kitchen cooking supplies (pots, pans, lids, spatulas, utensils), cleaning supplies and decorative items
  • Moving cart, to bring your laundry to and from the laundry room, located across from the Lodge
  • Padlock for bedroom closets
  • Reading lamp, desk lamp and table lamp for living room (no halogen bulbs are permitted)

Phase I – Buckeye, Holly, Hickory, Redwood, International, Mimosa, Palm, Science, Elm (Peaked roofs)

  • Convection ovens and stove tops present in kitchen
  • System control of heat and air conditioning (low to high)

Phase II – Mulberry, Butternut, Cypress, Tamarack, Sycamore (Flat Roofs)

  • Stove tops and ovens present in kitchen
  • Temperature specific controlled heat and air conditioning
Laurel Hall
  • Ice cube trays
  • Kitchenette cleaning items
  • Lighting: Bedside reading lamp and floor lamp for living room (no halogen bulbs)
  • Microwave oven proof dishes
  • Rug, if desired for common area
  • Small dish drainer/mat
The Overlook
  • Small tacks for tack boards which are located in the bedrooms. Tacks are to be used on tack boards ONLY
  • Small gooseneck (non halogen) bedside lamp. Regular lampshade will not fit on windowsill
  • Stand up storage unit for bathroom
The Village
  • Kitchen cooking supplies (pots, pans, lids, spatulas, utensils), cleaning supplies and decorative items
  • Lighting: bedside lamps and additional living room floor lamp needed (no halogen bulbs)
  • Step stools


  • Floors in the Village living rooms are tiled: bring area throw rugs to limit noise transmission
  • Emphasis on sustainable living: recycling required
  • Two end table lamps in the living room of each apartment provided


Please do not bring prohibited items.

An up to date list of prohibited items is provided in our Guide to Community Living, located here.

Note: The above are just examples of what other students have brought to campus. You should bring whatever you feel will make you comfortable and equipped to be a successful student. Just keep in mind that space is limited. It is also a good idea to plan ahead with your roommate(s) to avoid unnecessary duplication.