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Courses & Requirements

Visit our College Catalog to see the full requirements of the major and a list of available courses. For those who signed up for the major in Spring 2018 or earlier, it requires 11 courses, including Intro to International Studies, Intro to Anthropology, either Modern Comparative Politics or International Politics, 4 Global Issues courses, 3 Area Studies courses, and a Global Issues Seminar (the capstone senior seminar).  Beginning in Fall 2018, the requirements will be 12 courses because of the addition of one more Area Studies course (4 in total). For all students, you are free to take courses from more than one region to fulfill your Area Studies requirement. We will also accept one 200-level or higher language course as part of your Area Studies. Using the Advising Form below is a great way to keep track of whether you have met all the requirements of your major. Print it out, fill it in, and bring it when you meet with your faculty advisor.

In addition, all majors are required to complete an International Experience. This can be fulfilled by study abroad, an internship, or a co-op. For detailed guidelines, click on the button below. All majors will need to complete the International Experience Form below before applying for graduation.

Students often use 4 Year Plans to map out when to take their General Education and Major courses. We recommend printing out the 4 Year Plan here and referring to it as you choose your courses. Double majors need to be especially thoughtful to guarantee that they will be able to complete their coursework on time. The sample Cross-Over Plans here provide examples of how the International Studies major can be combined with a second major. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the major, double majors are common, but be sure to meet with your academic advisor early and often to plan your coursework.