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Read what Ramapo College graduates who have earned B.A.s in Liberal Studies are saying:

  • “I am so appreciative of the well rounded education that I have received. For anyone who might have qualms about pursuing this type of degree, I highly recommend the faculty who have helped me through my degree. The HGS staff are truly caring and go out of their way to make sure that every aspect and detail are not left unnoticed. I believe that the breadth and diversity of courses has provided me with a sound liberal arts background that has prepared me for the job market.” KR, class of ’11
  • “The Liberal studies contract major was the best program offered at Ramapo to fit my unique needs. Over the course of four years, my original plan went through several metamorphoses to arrive at a Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Studies with three minors-Philosophy, Theatre, and Women’s studies.This program offered numerous possibilities that I would not have otherwise had if I had chosen to go the traditional route.” HK, class of ’10
  • “The significant experiential component greatly enhances the Liberal Studies program. I was fortunate enough to study in Urbino, Italy for three weeks.I also took an independent study course with a visiting Fulbright scholar.This course resulted in a thirty nine page analytical research paper on effective methods of teaching Italian in high schools..The Liberal Studies contract major has allowed me the flexibility to create my own path to becoming a certified Italian teacher.” DM, class of ’10
  • “Unlike other universities, Ramapo’s Liberal Studies degree would provide not only the flexibility to study what I want, but also the ability to adapt my course selections as my passions develop. I was able to study in India through Ramapo in the Spring of 2010, and it was from this trip that I became most aware of what it is I want to now study. Classroom time, field work, and traveling and volunteering throughout the country alone after Ramapo’s semester became the greatest catalyst to the development of my character and concentration of my academic focus. I was [then] able to venture off onto one more study abroad program. This is where I find myself now. Living in Cusco, Peru with more focus and determination than I have ever had.” FM, class of ’11