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International Studies Student Liaisons

If you are a current student looking for advice on fulfilling your major, we encourage you to meet with your faculty advisor. We would also suggest reaching out to one of the student liaisons to the major. These are students who have been selected from among our majors to serve as ambassadors for the program and as resources to other current majors. They attend International Studies faculty meetings to weigh in on important decisions, hold advising events each semester, and attend Open Houses, Immediate Decision Days, and other events as representatives of the major. We express our sincere thanks to our current student liaisons:

Jackie Basile

 Mandie Mayer

Because all International Studies majors are required to complete either study abroad, an internship, or a co-op, we strongly suggest you start planning for this as early as possible. For information on study abroad, go to the webpage for the Roukema Center for International Education. For information on internships, your first stop should be the Cahill Career Development Center. In addition, websites like are often helpful. To read about careers typically pursued by International Studies majors, we recommend Cressey and Helmer’s Careers in International Affairs (4th ed, Georgetown UP, 2014) and Mueller and Overmann’s Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange and Development (2nd ed, Georgetown UP, 2014). One or both are typically assigned in the Global Issues Seminar, the senior seminar all majors take. This course devotes substantial attention to preparing students to begin their career searches.