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Our language courses beyond the intermediate level, and those on culture and literature include, among others:

  • Spanish Civilization
  • Latin American Culture and Society
  • The Art of Conversation in Spanish
  • The Art of Reading in Spanish
  • Early Transatlantic Encounters
  • Latin American Literature since 1900
  • Hispanic Women’s Voices and Images
  • Hispanic Caribbean Literature and Popular Culture
  • Latin American Literature and Film
  • Syntax and Substance: Spanish Grammar
  • The Art of Writing and Formal Research Techniques in Spanish
  • Advanced Communication in Spanish
  • Capstone Seminar in Spanish
  • French, Spanish, and Italian Cinema
  • French Conversation and Composition
  • Francophone Literatures
  • Readings in French Literature
  • Italian Conversation and Composition
  • Readings in Italian Literature
  • Chinese Culture and Civilization
  • Chinese Cinema
  • Survey of Chinese Literature
  • Russian Literature and Culture
  • Modern Russian Fiction
  • Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching