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Convening Group: Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major of Ramapo College is an individualized, personalized major that is tailored to students’ needs. It is an innovative and non-traditional major, housed in the School of Humanities and Global Studies. Each Liberal Studies major is based on academic contract between thestudent, the faculty, and the Dean.

Traditionally, the liberal arts were the arts of free men. Today, we say that studying the diverse themes of human inquiry and critical expression in the humanities, in world languages, and in social studies will free your mind.

All Liberal Studies majors will decide their own learning tracks. Examples of learning tracks can include:

  • History of Ideas
  • Italian Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

The Liberal Studies major requires the completion of a minimum of eleven courses (one of which must be an independent study). Six of these courses must be offered by Ramapo College’s School of Humanities and Global Studies.

All Liberal Studies majors must write a statement of justification (filed with the Dean) that outlines the themes and courses that will count into the major. Furthermore, Liberal Studies majors are required to complete a significant experiential activity that enriches classroom time with concrete experience. All Liberal Studies majors also must complete a self-evaluation statement upon graduation.

The School of Humanities and Global Studies school core and the General Education program are also requirements for graduation in the major.

Those interested in completing the Liberal Studies major may contact Professor Lisa Cassidy ( to discuss the options.