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Student Clubs

The Italian Club

An Italian student organization, the Italian Club was created 16 years ago as a “Circolo Italiano.” The Club promotes Italian culture among students, faculty, staff, and the Italian American community. It is supported financially by Ramapo College and The Columbians of New Jersey.

The Club is very active on campus. It sponsors lectures in art, architecture, poetry literature, cooking lessons, bocce games, concerts, films, plays, art exhibits, and trips to the opera, among other activities.

Faculty advisor: Rosetta D’Angelo

The Organization for Latino Unity

The Organization for Latino Unity (OLU) is a recognized club on Ramapo College’s campus. The mission of OLU, as stated in its constitution, is as follows:

  • To develop cultural, educational, social and recreational activities that would contribute to the advancements of the club member and the college community.
  • To promote the understanding of the Hispanic culture both at the college and the local community.
  • To contribute to establish closer relationships with other Hispanic organizations on campus and the state of New Jersey.
  • To contribute to the unification of persons of Hispanic origin regardless of nationality.

OLU welcomes members of all backgrounds and races, likes and dislikes, religious orientation, and moral concerns in the club. Our focus is to provide a forum for both Latino and non-Latino students to come together, interact, learn about each other, and help in the advancement of the Latino community on and off campus. We achieve these goals through different cultural, social, and educational programs, as well as through public mediums such as a monthly newsletter.

Faculty advisor: Iraida H. López

The Spanish Club

The Spanish Club was initiated by Ramapo students to encourage appreciation of Spanish language and the numerous cultural expressions of those who speak it in the Americas and around the globe. The club welcomes anyone with interest in seeking any level of mastery of this beautiful language and its heritage. We promote a number of cultural activities on and off campus.

Faculty advisor: Paula Straile-Costa

The French Club

Faculty advisor: Vassiliki Flenga