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About the Pathways Program

The HGS Pathways Program guides and supports all students who are majoring in the School of Humanities and Global Studies with their post-Ramapo plans. We work with all students on developing individualized next steps after graduation and providing resources for their journey, whether it is:HGS Pathways Program Logo

  • beginning a career
  • participating in a service opportunity to give back to others
  • creating your own gap/transitional year to explore a passion and focus on personal growth
  • enrolling in graduate/professional school

The mission of the Pathways Program is to connect with students as early as possible in their college careers to create concrete, meaningful post-graduation plans that are consistent with interests, academic, professional and personal goals. We support undergraduate students through their continuous growth process while providing empowerment to take responsibility for personal educational outcomes and preparation for life after college.


  • To build relationships with students in an effort to offer support during their academic careers
  • To effectively communicate available paths and opportunities for students while providing the necessary preparation
  • To guide the creation of students’ post-graduation plans that are compatible with skills, interests and overall goals
  • Encourage self-exploration


  • We serve all students in the School of Humanities and Global Studies
  • We offer guidance and resources regarding post graduation options while aiding in the preparation for your next step after Ramapo

Explore and make use of all of your available resources & the information on our website to contribute to your overall success.

Susan Hangen
Interim Dean of School of Humanities & Global Studies
Phone: (201) 684-7562
Office: B-224 D

Dian Schons                              
HGS Career Pathways Coordinator
Phone: (201) 684-7273
Office: B-125