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Chinese Dictionaries
  • Pleco– only partially free, but worth the money (for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Hanping– the best free dictionary for Android devices
  • MDBG– a popular free online dictionary
  • nciku– perhaps the most popular free online dictionary
Chinese Grammar
Chinese Characters
  • Skritter– the best online resource for practicing writing
  • Chinese Character Etymology– tons of images covering the entire history of a character’s evolution
  •– a hierarchical ordering of characters based on their composition
Reading Tools
  • Wenlin– a great program for Windows and Mac; paste in the Chinese text and have access to easy character readings, dictionary lookups, character info, and more
  • Chinese Perapera-kun– the most popular Firefox add-on for adding popup-style readings to characters on any webpage
  • Zhongwen– a simple Chrome extension for adding popup-style readings to characters on any webpage
Writing Composition
  • Lang-8– write whatever you want and get free feedback from the community



Mandarin Pronunciation Tips & Tools