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Information on Conferences, Fellowship, and Internships

Cahill Center:  In addition to visiting with American Studies faculty, students are encouraged to visit the Cahill Center to find out more information about on- and off-campus jobs, internships, and cooperative education.  Contact Donna Lane-Baur (x7451) in C-209 or visit

American Studies Association:  The American Studies Association is the national organization for scholars and practitioners of American Studies.   The institution’s website has information about graduate school, internships, and conferences in fields related to American studies.  Visit

Eastern American Studies Association (EASA) is a regional chapter of the American Studies Association organized to promote and encourage the study of American Culture in the Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania areas. The EASA sponsors an annual conference, special lectures and events, and publishes a newsletter twice annually. In addition, the EASA seeks to foster ties between academic programs, public organizations, established scholars, and current students in hopes of strengthening the American Studies community within the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Visit

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History invites college seniors with a passion for American history, and academic excellence in the field, to apply for the Gilder Lehrman History Scholars Program in New York City, which includes:

  • A weekend in New York City
  • Exclusive behind the scenes tours of historic archives.
  • Special presentations, including meetings with eminent scholars.
  • Applications begin in the Fall

For more information, visit

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) was founded in 1967 to help instill in young people an appreciation for the American form of government and the free enterprise system. TFAS sponsors Institutes that teach college students about the principles and values upon which the United States was founded.

The following Institutes are held in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown University:
Summer Institutes:

  • The Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems:   For students interested in public policy, international affairs, and economics.
  • The Institute on Political Journalism:   For students looking to pursue a career in journalism, communications, and PR
  • Institute on Business and Government Affairs:   For students interested in lobbying, associations, and government affairs offices
  • The Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service:   For students looking to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector, volunteering, and fundraising.

For more information, visit


Helpful Research Links

New York Public Library Digital Gallery:

Library of Congress American Memory Project:

Yale Avalon Project (documents in law, history, and diplomacy):

History Matters Website:

University of Virginia American Studies Digital Resources:

Chicago/Turabian Style Guide (Purdue Online Writing Lab):

MLA Style Guide (Purdue Online Writing Lab):