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College Park Apartments

We’re excited that you are considering on campus housing as part of your graduate Ramapo College experience!

Graduate Student Residences – College Park Apartments:

Graduate students reside in the College Park Apartments (CPA).

The apartment complex consists of fourteen buildings adjacent to The Overlook and Kameron Pond.

Apartments house approximately 560 students in two – or three-story buildings with two bedrooms, bath, and kitchen/living room. There are some duplexes. The College Park Apartments are designated dry (alcohol is prohibited).

Graduate students reside in either a one bedroom (2 person) apartment or a 4 person duplex apartment. Placement is based on availability.


Living room: couch, two chairs, end table, coffee table
Bedroom: bed, x-long mattress, desk, desk chair and wardrobe
Kitchen: full size refrigerator/freezer, ovens with
stove tops, dining table with four chairs, cabinet space.


Each resident will get their ID coded at the Lodge, which will give them access to the front door. Each resident will get a punch code at the Lodge which will give them access to their bedroom doors. Phase II’s door is directly outside and the resident can swipe into their apartment from the outside.

Temperature control:

Phase II is controlled by a set number/degree that the resident can choose to set the heat and or air to.


All bedrooms have carpets. Some Phase II apartments have carpeting in the common living areas.


There are outside cameras through out the Phase I and Phase II areas.

Meal Plans:

Meal plans are optional for residents of the College Park Apartments.

Graduate students interested in housing should email for details regarding the application process.


Important Information

Dining / Meal Plans

What to Bring

Shuttle / Transportation

Current Housing Rates

One bedroom -2 person Apartment $5,005.00

Two bedroom-4 person Apartment $4500.00

**Please note that the rates listed above are subject to change.**


Graduate Student Check-In

Fall 2018 Check-in will take place on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 from 10 AM to 10 PM, at the Lodge (located in the College Park Apartments). Should you have any questions related to your check- in, you may contact your hall office at