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German Dictionaries
  • Online Dictionary: – LEO is the original and still the best online dictionary that provides context and lots of examples of expressions.
  • Slow German (for Intermediate / Advanced Beginners) – Annik Rubens does a great job with slow, straightforward stories on German cultural topics. She explains the grammar for most topics.
  • Easy German (for Intermediate / Advanced Beginners) – The hosts do a series of podcasts on short topics, speaking very slowly and clearly in Hochdeutsch (“High” or Standard German).
  • The German Rabbit (for Beginners) – Trixie from Hamburg has a series of short podcasts on German manners, culture, and language. She tackles one topic in each podcast and teaches you how to pronounce words. She even discusses the different German accents and dialects.
  • Learn German With Anja (for Beginners)- Anja is very energetic and funny but tackles serious grammatical issues, one at a time, in a clear and simple way.
Other Resources
  • Mein Deutschbuch (all levels) – Although the interface can be a bit hard to navigate, this site has wonderful resources that are grouped into small lessons, each of which can be downloaded as a PDF, so you can study offline and make your own textbook.
  • German for Travelers (all levels)  – If you just want some basic vocabulary for your first trip to Germany, this is a good place to start. If you want to get more seriously involved, it also has resources for vocabulary and grammar practice