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French With Alexa (Beginner)
Learn French With Alexa is ideal for absolute beginners. The podcast creator Alexa Polidoro emphasizes grammar heavily and it has a classroom style of learning. The audio is very crisp and clear so you can hear correct pronunciation. Alexa has a relaxed voice and does a great job of breaking down sentences into manageable chunks of phrases. If you want to start off on the right foot with grammar, go ahead and check out this podcast!

French By Podcast (Beginner)
Learn French By Podcast is a bilingual podcast in English and French. It’s presented by two hosts, one French speaker speaks in French and one English speaker who explains what the French speaker said. The audio is very clear and easy to follow and the format is great for beginners and intermediate learners. It eventually progresses from basic conversations to intermediate and advanced-level dialogues about a variety of everyday topics. PDF guides are available on the website.

News in Slow French (Intermediate)
News in Slow French is an intermediate level podcast. This podcast covers world news, grammar, and expressions and slows down all the dialogue to make it easier to process what you hear. Every episode breaks down a point on grammar and vocabulary. On the News in Slow French website there are transcripts for each episode, plus added resources and quizzes on French grammar, expressions, pronunciation.

Le journal en français facile (intermediate/advanced)
This podcast by Radio France International (RFI) is a show that is designed for intermediate and advanced learners of French. It’s a genuine news broadcast from the French radio station, but read a little slower so you can become comfortable listening to French.


Le larousse
The ultimate guide to check and learn new words, idioms, and structures.

List of online dictionaries


Spelling Practice
Le Bescherelle is a great resource to practice spelling in French. The site includes a virtual coach, free dictation exercises, quizzes, and games.

Le Bescherelle offers an online way to check a conjugation and your tableau de conjugaison (conjugation board), which includes a verb’s conjugation for all tenses and modes

Bonjour de France
Bonjour de France provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, all of which are online and easily accessible. At any time you can review the grammatical structures seen in class, measure your knowledge and test your progress.


TV5 Monde is a free website that offers numerous great resources primarily for beginner and intermediate students. Developed by European broadcast network TV5Monde, it includes 80 activities to learn French that are all ranked by level.

Although more limited than Parlons français, this is another free website that will greatly help your French students master the language of Molière.

This is another great resource for which we can thank European broadcast network TV5Monde. Also free, it focuses on French literature and is mainly dedicated to your advanced students (or those that have a knack for words).

Named after the famous Greek historian, this is a website that is actually used by French natives in their History classroom—largely because it’s the most extensive, informative and interactive of its kind.

France 5
This is the ultimate, most authentic resource for advanced to fluent learners, and it can be fantastic for you to bring to the classroom to make your lessons more interactive (provided that you have a video projector and a wifi connection). And if you know where to look, it can be great for beginners, too!

Organisation internationale de la francophonie