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Eric Daffron

Professor of Literature

Year Joined RCNJ: 2010

Contact Information

  • Phone: 201-684-7835
  • Email:
  • Office: B-138
  • Office Hours: TF 9:05-9:50 am, F 3:30-4:30 pm; And by appointment


  • B.A., University of Alabama
  • M.A., SUNY-Buffalo
  • Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo

Teaching Interests:

  • Gothic Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • English Grammar

Research Interests:

  • Gothic Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Sexuality Studies
  • Autotheory
  • Contemporary Moroccan Literature and Film

Scholarly Activities:

  • “Strolling the Slender Streets of Scorching Salé.” Moving across the Landscape in Search of an Idea, Air and Nothingness P, edited by Todd Sanders, forthcoming in 2024.
  • “Hôtel La Fêlure: A Work of Fictocriticism.” TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, special issue on creative-critical writing in practice, forthcoming in 2024.
  • “Savories: Dieting with Roland Barthes One New York Spring.” Second installment. The AutoEthnographer, vol. 4, issue 1, 2024,
  • Translator. “Around Salé from Afar.” By Abdellah Taïa, Ezra: Online Journal of Translation, forthcoming in 2024.
  • “Incidents in Marrakech and Beyond.” Impost: A Journal of Creative and Critical Work, vol. 17, winter 2024, pp. 25-27,
  • “Fragments of an Intermittent Lover.” L’Esprit Literary Review, issue 2, 2023.      
  • “Savories: Dieting with Roland Barthes One New York Spring.” First installment. The AutoEthnographer, vol. 3, issue 3, 2023,
  • “Interstitial Living: Fragments towards an Ethics.” European Journal of Life Writing, vol. 11, 2022, pp. 32-64, U of Groningen P
  • “The Pianist’s Fingers: Fragments of Desire.” Synthesis: An Anglophone Journal of Comparative Literary Studies, no. 14, 2021, pp. 161-72.
  • “Re-mantling the Face: The Facial Politics of WWI-Era Portrait Masks.” Body Studies Journal, vol. 3, no. 1, 2021, pp. 30-41.
  • “Handle with Care: The Biopolitics of Coronavirus-Prevention Guidelines.” Angles: New Perspectives on the Anglophone World, issue 12, 2021, pp. 1-16. Open Edition Journals,
  • “Manhandling the Body: A Foucauldian Approach.” From the Introduction to The Body in Theory: Essays after Lacan and Foucault, edited with Becky McLaughlin, McFarland Publishers, 2021, pp. 12-18.
  • “Transatlantic Terror: James Hammond’s Circulating Library and the Minerva Press Gothic Novel.” Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture1780-1840, issue 23, Summer 2020, pp. 109-23. Cardiff University Press
  • “Taking a Sagittal View: Reflecting on My Academic Career.” Specialists: Passions and Careers, edited by Cristina Artenie and Danielle Joy Davis, Universitas Press, 2017, pp. 27-29.
  • Far from Heaven: Three Lessons in Lacanian Desire.” POMPA, 2005, pp. 66-71.
  • “The Resistant Gap: Foucault, Lacan, and Resistance.” POMPA, 2003, pp. 34-40.
  • Romantic Doubles: Sex and Sympathy in British Gothic Literature, 1790-1830. AMS P, 2002.
  • “Double Trouble: The Self, the Social Order, and the Trouble with Sympathy in the Romantic and Post-modern Gothic.” Gothic Studies, vol. 3, no. 1, 2001, pp. 75-83.
  • “Child’s Play: A Short Publication and Critical History of Jane Austen’s Juvenilia.” A Companion to Jane Austen Studies, edited by Laura Cooner Lambdin and Robert Thomas Lambdin, Greenwood Press, 2000, pp. 191-97.
  • “(Dis)Orienting the Self: The Figure of the White European Man in Byron’s Oriental Tales and Travels.” Mapping Masculinities in Nineteenth-Century England, edited by William Brewer and Jay Losey, Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1999, pp. 69-90.
  • “Male Bonding: Sympathy and Shelley’s Frankenstein.” Nineteenth-Century Contexts, vol. 21, 1999, pp. 413-33.
  • “‘Magnetical Sympathy’: Strategies of Power and Resistance in Godwin’s Caleb Williams.” Criticism, vol. 37, 1995, pp. 213-32.
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