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David Colman

Associate Professor of African American History

Year Joined RCNJ: 2005

Contact Information


  • B.A., Macalester College
  • M.A., University of Iowa
  • Ph.D., University of Iowa

Courses Offered:

  • Age of Segregation
  • Black Power Years
  • Introduction to African American History I
  • Introduction to African American History II
  • American Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
  • Cold War
  • Twentieth Century United States Social History
  • Introduction to United States History II
  • Contemporary Africa
  • Social Issues
  • History Seminar
  • Hip Hop & Society
  • Political Legacy of Malcolm X

Teaching Interest:

  • African American History
  • U.S. Foreign Relations
  • U.S. Labor and Social history.

Research Interest:

  • African American Social and Political Movements
  • African Americans and Global Affairs
  • Race and Liberalism
  • Race and the American Working Class.

Recent Publications:

  • RACE AGAINST LIBERALISM: BLACK WORKERS AND THE UAW IN DETROIT. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2008.
  • A HISTORY OF THE LABOR MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. Des Moines, IA: Iowa Federation of Labor-AFL-CIO, 2001.
  • STANDING STRONG: A HISTORY OF CEDAR RAPIDS CARPENTERS UNION 308. Iowa City, Iowa: Parker Davis Graphics, 1999.
  • “From Fellow Traveler to Friendly Witness: Shelton Tappes and the Politics of Race and Anti-Communism in the United Auto Workers.” In Labor’s Cold War: Local Politics in a Global Context, ed. Shelton Stromquist, Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2008.
Conference Presentations:
  • 2012      “Roundtable: David Golland’s Constructing Affirmative Action: The Struggle for Equal Employment Opportunity,” Annual Meeting of the National Association of Ethnic Studies, April 5-7, 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • 2011      “Roundtable: Ethical and Personal Responses to Hurricane Katrina,” 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.
  • 2010      “Roundtable: Philip Muehlenbeck, ed., Race, Ethnicity, and the Cold War: A Global Perspective,” Race and Identity in World History Conference, November 11-13, Monmouth University, Monmouth, New Jersey.
  • 2009      Chair, “A Common Dilemma: History and Self Image in the Classroom,” Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians, March 26-29, 2009, Seattle, Washington.
  • 2007      “Separate Lanes: Race, Bowling, and Working-Class Solidarity,” Annual Conference of the Working Class Studies Association, June 14-17, 2007, Macalester College, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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