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Financial Responsibility Agreement

Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)

The Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) is a mandatory agreement that outlines and informs students of their financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes at Ramapo College, and explains the potential consequences that may result if they do not meet those obligations. All Ramapo students are required to complete an FRA semi-annually, and those who do not are prevented from registering.

Our goal is to help students understand the financial policies and cost of education associated with the courses they register for. We strive to be transparent to comply with federal laws and regulations, including debt collection and consumer protection laws.

Ramapo College’s first FRA will be issued for all students on April 2, 2023.  Students will be prompted to complete the FRA upon entering the Registration portion of MyRamapo Self Service. Step-by-step instructions for completing the form can be found here:

Financial Responsibility Step-by-Step Instructions (pdf)

An instructional video on how to complete the FRA can be found here:

If you would like to verify that you have completed the FRA or to complete it outside of the registration process, please navigate to the Action Items under the Personal Information menu of MyRamapo Self Service. Completed FRAs will have a green “Completed” status next the link to the FRA. Step-by-step instructions on accessing Action Items and completing the FRA can be found here:

FRA via Action Item Processing Instructions (pdf)

If you have any further questions on the agreement, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at or (201) 684-7495.