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Billing Policies

Paper bills are not mailed to students. The College provides two types of online billing statements, both of which serve as the official college bill.

Once a student registers for classes, the student is responsible for all charges associated with that semester. If a student decides not attend any or all of their courses, the student must officially drop/withdraw their course(s). Click here for Dropping a Course policies and procedures. Students that do not drop, withdraw, or take a leave of absence according to College policy, forfeits all rights to a refund or to a reduction in his/her account.  It is the student’s obligation to drop/withdraw from their classes.

The registration process is not complete until a student’s term bill is paid-in-full by the appropriate published deadline, unless the Office of Student Accounts has granted an authorized payment deferment PRIOR to the payment deadline or a student is subject to deregistration. Deferred payments plans are not available in the summer term.
A student auditing a class is responsible to pay the tuition and fees as a student enrolled in a course for credit.

Important Note: We encourage students to periodically review the real-time Account Summary by Term screen to see if any changes have been made to their account. Unsuspected changes could have adverse consequences.

Billing Statements

The College provides two types of online billing statements, both of which serve as the official college bill.

Account Summary by Term Screen

The Account Summary by Term Screen is located under the Student Account Information section on the Ramapo College Self Service secure portal. Click here for login instructions. This real-time statement lists detailed billing and payment information, as well as a summary of charges, payments, financial aid, and Current Due amount.

Electronic Bill (ebill) Statement

Students and Authorized Users will receive email notification that an ebill has been generated. Notification will be sent to a student’s Ramapo email address and notification will be sent to an Authorized Users personal email address. Ebills will be generated prior to each payment deadline and scheduled deregistration. The ebill provides:

  • an easy to read format
  • a central location for current account activity, making payments, and viewing bills
  • the ability to designate a third-party (i.e. parents) to view the bill and make payments
  • access to view real-time account activity and balances
  • access to view previous bills

The ebill is located in the Ramapo College Student Account Suite (SAS) secure portal. It is important to recognize that the ebill, like a mailed paper statement, is a snapshot in time.  Activity on a student’s account may have occurred after the bill has been generated. Therefore, it is recommended that students periodically check their account. This can be done either by accessing the Account Summary screen on Ramapo Self Service or accessing the ebill located on the SAS and looking at activity since your last statement. Click here for ebill access.


Click here for frequently asked questions regarding ebill.

Account Summary Screen login instructions using My Ramapo website

  • Log on to
  • Click on Ramapo Self Service/Web Registration box
  • Enter your Ramapo Email User Name and Ramapo Email Password then click on the Login button.
  • Click on Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click on Student Account Information
  • Click on Account Summary by Term
  • Using the Select a Term pull down menu, choose the desired billing term, then click Submit button
  • Review your bill and print for reference.

Electronic Bill login instructions using My Ramapo website

  • Log on to
  • Click on Ramapo Self Service/Web Registration box
  • Enter your Ramapo Email User Name and Ramapo Email Password then click on the Login button.
  • Click on Student Services & Financial Aid link.
  • Click on Electronic Payments/Bills/Refunds, Payment Plan, Authorized User Signup link.
  • Click on Account Info/Pay Bill button.
  • Click on Ebill tab.

Ebill Questions and Answers

Q.  How will I know that an ebill was generated?
A.  An email will be sent to your Ramapo College email account when a new ebill has been generated.

Q.  What is an ebill?
A.  The ebill is a statement of your account, at a given point in time.  Think of your ebill like a credit card bill – a statement at a given point in time.

Q.  How do I know if the amount I owe is different than the ebill statement amount?
A.  The actual amount you owe, the real time amount, is the amount called “Total Balance”, located at the top of the ebill page.

Q.  How can the amount I owe be different than the amount on the ebill?
A.  The ebill is your account statement at a point in time.  Any payments or charges incurred, since the ebill statement was generated, will cause the amount you owe to be different than the amount on the statement.

Q.  Where do I see activity since my bill was produced?
A.  From the ebill page, click on the blue link “activity since your last statement”.

Q.  Can I give my parent access to view my ebill?
A.  Yes.  Click on the Authorized Users tab, located at the top of the page.  Enter the email address of the user you are authorizing access to your account.

Q.  I have set up an authorized user, but I only want them to make payments.   I do not want the user to see my ebill or payment history.   How do I do this?
A.  When adding an authorized user, you have the ability to define the amount of access that user will have, regarding your account.  There are two radio buttons that define the type of access, View billing statement and View payment history.  If you only want your authorized user to make payments, select the ‘No’ radio button for the View billing statement and View payment history radio buttons.

Q.  How does an authorized user get to my account?
A.  The authorized user will be emailed a link that will bring them to Ramapo College Student Account Suite.  The email will provide a user name as well as a password.

Q.  How do I remove an authorized user?
A.  Go to the listing of authorized users.  Click on the action to delete a user.

Q.  How do I view an old bill?
A.   Locate the “View Statement” field and use the drop down box to select a prior ebill.  Then click on the Go button.

Q.  When I view Recent Account Activity, I don’t see all payments on my account.  Why?
A.  The “Recent Account Activity” link only shows the payments and credits that have occurred since your last bill was produced.

Q.  How do I print my ebill, without all the other data?
A.   Click on the link “Print This Statement” to get the ebill in a window by itself.

Q.  When I view an old bill, why doesn’t the “Statement Amount” in the top of the page change to the amount of the statement I am viewing?
A.   The statement amount in the top of the page is the amount of the latest ebill that was produced.

Billing and Financial Aid Terminology

On the Account Summary screen (official term bill), Term Detail reflects the Current Term charges / payments on a student’s account, as well as any Other Term balances. Only disbursed (paid or credited) financial aid appears in this section. The Account Balance reflects the net of the Current Term Balance and Other Terms Balance.

Pending Financial Aid, also known as estimated or anticipated aid, appear in separate sections on the Account Summary screen.

Authorized Aid is aid that has met all the requirements for payment and will be credited to a student’s account on the official term disbursement date. Typically, this date is four weeks into a term. The Authorized Financial Aid Balance is the sum of the Authorized Financial Aid for the term.

Memos are pending financial aid transactions that require further action. However, if the Memo is a New Jersey Class Loan, Alternative Loan, or Outside Scholarship, no further action needs to be taken on your part. Your account will be credited when payment is received from the funding agency. All other types of aid that appear as a Memo have not met all the requirements for payment. We strongly recommend that a student contact the Office of Financial Aid to resolve any outstanding issues. The Memo Balance is the sum of the Memo Aid for the term.

Current Due net of Authorized Financial Aid and Memos is the AMOUNT TO BE PAID. It comprises the Account Balance less the sum Authorized and Memo Aid Balances.

NOTE: Financial aid recipients are liable for the amount that is not covered by their aid package and will be subject to deregistration and dehousing if payment is not received by the payment deadline. If financial assistance is reduced or cancelled for any reason, the student will be held responsible for the entire outstanding balance. Regular payment College policies will then apply.

NOTE: Estimated aid from a prior term will not appear on a current term bill. For example, if any or all of your fall aid is still Memo, it will not be reflected as a credit on your spring bill. As a result, your balance forward from the fall will not be reduced by any fall Memo aid. Only your spring financial aid will be calculated as a credit on your bill.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.