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Parking Permits

All student vehicles parked on campus are required to have a valid parking permit. Parking decals must be permanently affixed to the lower right corner of the left-side rear window.  Parking hang tags must be displayed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle while it is parked.

Parking Regulations can be found on the Office of Public Safety website.

Parking Permit Policy

Parking permits obtained during the fall term are valid for the winter and spring terms.  Students entering for the first time in the spring term must acquire a fall/spring parking permit. Students charged in the fall term will not be recharged in the spring. Students, who submitted a Parking Permit Waiver in the fall term, do not have to resubmit a Parking Permit Waiver in the spring term. A new permit must be obtained for the summer term. There will be a one week grace period at the beginning of term before summonses will be issued.

The College does not provide a fall only parking permit. All students who are registered for the fall term are charged the annual parking fee rate. Students who are graduating in January, student teaching, or are studying abroad in the spring semester are the only exceptions. Graduating students will receive a refund, equivalent to the spring parking fee charge, upon verification by the Graduation Office. The Office of Student Accounts will mail this refund check in mid-February. Study abroad students will have their fall account adjusted prior to the departure of their spring program.

Parking Permit Application and Cost

Applications for a parking permit are available only online at the Permit Store. Click the Parking Permit for application instructions.

The Parking Permit Fee and NJ State Sales Tax (See Note below for details.) will automatically be included on the term bill.

Note: The New Jersey Division of Taxation passed legislation that requires New Jersey Colleges and Universities to access, collect, and remit a six point sixty-three percent (6.63%) sales tax on parking fees charged to students who live off-campus. Students living on on-campus are exempt from the tax. As a result, the aforementioned tax will appear on the bill of off-campus students, as well as the Parking Fee charge.

Parking Permit Waiver

Students who do not intend to park a vehicle on campus at any time during the school year can deduct the amount of the Parking Permit Fee from their bill, providing the online Parking Permit Fee Waiver Form is completed no later than the waiver deadline. When the form is submitted, a credit will be posted to the student’s account the following day. Parking charges are not removed from student accounts; they are offset by the credit of the waiver transaction. Student accounts will reflect both the charge and the waiver. If a waiver is submitted in the fall, a student does not have to resubmit a waiver in the spring. Spring waivers are only for students who were not registered in the fall.

All students who have not submitted a waiver by the published waiver deadline will be responsible for payment of the Parking Permit Fee charged to the student’s account. The Waiver Form will not be available after the waiver deadline. Click here to access the Waiver Form. Students may not apply for a parking permit and then submit a Parking Fee Waiver Form or submit a Parking Fee Waiver Form and then apply for a parking permit. Please use only the electronic version of this waiver form. Modified print versions and/or faxes will not be accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.