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Will I receive a bill in the mail?

No. Click here for details regarding your online and electronic bills.

What are the forms of payment?

Payment can be made by cash, personal or bank check, money order, credit card, or electronic debit of checking or savings accounts. Click here for details

How do I use the Web to review my account and pay by credit card/ACH?

Is there an installment payment plan available?

How does financial aid appear on my account?

Click here for details; then click on Billing and Financial Aid Terminology

How do I obtain a parking permit (decal)?

Parking permits are applied for online.
Student Vehicle Registration.

What if I don't want or need a parking permit?

Students, who do not intend to park a vehicle on campus at any time during the school year, can deduct the parking fee amount from their bill, providing a Parking Fee Waiver Form is submitted by the published deadline. Financial Deadlines. Waiver forms are available online or in the Office of Student Accounts. Parking Fee Waiver Form

What are Lifetime Learning & HOPE Credits and the 1098-T Form?

What happens if I don't pay by the due date?

A Late Payment Fee will assessed for each missed payment deadline. The amount that will be assessed is term dependent. fall and spring terms are $200; summer term is $100; winter term is $50. In addition, you will be subject to deregistration and dehousing (if applicable).

Important Note: An outstanding balance does not always result in deregistration. If you do not intend to attend a class(es), we strongly recommend that you go online and drop the course(s) yourself or you will be responsible for payment.

When and how do I receive a refund?

By what date must my term bill be paid to avoid a penalty?

Payment must be made by published deadlines, which are posted on the Current Deadlines web page.

How can I give my parents/guardian(s) access to view my account?

Click here for instructions on setting up Authorized Users.

How do I cancel/switch my room and/or board?

All cancellations and changes of room and board must be done though the Office of Residence Life.

What if I want to question charges or fines?

You must contact the office that issued the charge or fine. For example, to question a parking violation, contact The Public Safety Office; to question a housing damage charge, contact the Office of Residence Life; etc.

How can I give permission to release my financial information to my parents/guardian(s)?

You can complete and submit the Registrar’s Office FERPA Waiver form. Click here to review FERPA regulations and access the form.