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Policies/Payment Options

Below are the external payment options accepted by Ramapo College, along with information regarding our monthly payment plan.  Information on out-of-pocket payments can be found here.

Payment Options

Tuition Payment Plans

Summer 2024 Payment Plan

Ramapo College offers a three month payment plan for the Summer semester beginning April 18, 2024. The Ramapo Tuition Payment Plan (RTPP) for Summer requires a $40 set-up fee and a 33 1/3% down payment at the time of enrollment.  Students must enroll in the plan prior to the posted payment deadline for the semester. Enrollment in the payment plan must be done online by signing into Ramapo Self Service. The terms of the plan are as follows:

  • Enrollment and initial payment for the plan is due by the appropriate payment deadline for the semester, with additional payments due on May 20 and June 20. You must pay your first payment along with your $40 set-up fee at the time of enrollment. Students who do not enroll by the payment deadline may be subject to a $100 late fee and/or deregistration from their courses
  • Enrollment in the plan beyond the due date for the down payment requires payment of any missed installments at the time of enrollment. As an example, enrollment on May 25threquires payment of the down payment, the May 20th installment, and the $40 enrollment fee at time of enrollment
  • Past due balances of $500 or greater must be paid prior to a student being eligible to enroll in the plan. The College reserves the right to deny enrollment in the plan to students based on past payment history
  • The College does not send monthly paper statements for upcoming installments. Billing reminders are sent via email to the student’s Ramapo College email address only. It is the student’s responsibility to make monthly installment payments by the 20th of each month. A late fee of $35 will be assessed for each late payment
  • Information about your individual payment plan and upcoming installment dates are available on the Payment Plans tab of the Bill and Payment section of the Ramapo Self Service
  • Plan participants may elect to have their monthly installments withdrawn automatically from the checking or savings account (automatic payments). Please be aware, incurring additional charges or reductions to pending financial aid on your student account will result in automatically increased monthly installments
  • Student account balances for use in monthly payment plans are reduced by memo’d and authorized financial aid posted to your student account. Incurring additional charges (tuition, fees, room, board, etc.) or reductions in your financial aidwill automatically result in an increase to your plan amount. Notification will be sent to your Ramapo College email account of any changes to your plan balance and subsequent increase of your monthly payments. Students are responsible for any and all of these changes to their payment plans
  • Questions can be directed to the Office of the Student Accounts at (201) 684-7495, or by emailing us at

Summer 2024 Three-Month Payment Plan Dates

Down Payment       Available beginning April 18, 2024 to May 19, 2024
2nd Installment       May 20, 2024
3rd Installment        June 20, 2024

Step-by-Step Payment Plan Enrollment Instructions

    • Log on to MyRamapo Self Service by clicking Enter Secure Area, entering your login information, and clicking Sign In
    • Click on the Student Services & Financial Aid tab at the top of the page
    • Click on the Bill and Payment Suite link
    • Click the Account Info/Pay Bill button
    • Click on the Payment Plans tab at the top of the screen or the “Enroll in Payment Plan” button
    • Select desired term in drop down
    • Select the Payment Plan you want to enroll in
    • Review installment due dates and amounts carefully
    • If you want to sign-up for automatic payments, click the YES radio button, then click Continue button
    • If you do not want to sign-up for automatic payments, click the NO radio button, then click Continue button
    • Any time you have new charges posted to your account, such as fines, tuition, room and board, etc., your installment amount will increase.  Any time you have payments or credits, posted to your account, your installment amount will decrease. Any time your financial aid package changes, your installment amount may increase or decrease depending on the nature of the change
    • If you choose the automatic/scheduled payment option, DO NOT submit a manual payment, unless you intentionally want to reduce your future payments
    • Select method of payment from the drop-down menu then click Continue button (If Yes, note that you will not be able to use a credit card)
    • Enter Bank Account or Credit Card information then click Continue button
    • Read agreement carefully
    • Click I Agree box
    • Wait while enrollment is processing
    • If message appears that your payment plan was processed successfully, you may exit the form

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.

Employer Sponsored Tuition Assistance Programs

Any student whose employer is providing payment for semester charges must present written documentation on company letterhead to the Office of Student Accounts prior to, or at the time of registration to be considered for deferment. The agreement must contain the student’s name, social security number or student ID number, semester for which the payment will be made, amount of the payment, and any applicable terms of the agreement. If there are any charges that the employer will NOT pay, such as lab fee, parking, etc., the student is responsible to make payment for any unqualified charges by the payment deadline (see deadlines link below). The College will NOT honor any type of agreement that contains conditions that delays or precludes payment. An example of such a stipulation is, “remittance will not be made until grades are received.” Under these circumstances, it will be the responsibility of the student to pay the College in-full and seek reimbursement from the employer. Once the written agreement is received, the College will send an invoice to the company. If the employer does not remit payment by the due date, a hold flag will be placed on the student’s account. It then becomes the student’s responsible to make payment in-full before the hold flag will be removed. It is important to present authorized documentation and provide payment of unqualified charges by the posted payment deadline for the semester to avoid deregistration. Please direct all questions regarding these matters to the Office of Student Accounts at (201) 684-7495.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.

Authorized Deferments

Veteran’s Deferment

Any person who is eligible and has applied for veterans’ benefits under any of the programs administered by the Veterans’ Administration offering education and training assistance allowances may defer payment of tuition and fees (but not room and board fees). Once the Financial Aid Office verifies a student’s eligibility, the student must proceed to the Office of Student Accounts to sign a special deferred payment agreement. The agreement will allow the veteran to defer payment on a monthly basis. If a veteran does not sign an agreement, the student will be subject to deregistration. Any delays in receipt of the veteran’s monthly allowance does not exempt the veteran from making payment in accordance with the deferral. Deferments are not given for a veteran’s first semester at Ramapo, unless circumstances are discussed with the Veteran’s Administrator. Documents should be brought to the Financial Aid Office for verification. If you have any questions, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at (201) 684-7549.

Winter Deferment

Ramapo College provides the option of utilizing excess financial aid from the Spring semester to cover Winter tuition and fees. The aid/loan must be posted to the student’s account for Spring and must be enough to cover both the Spring and Winter charges. The deferment can only be used for tuition and fee costs, and will not be processed until the student is registered. In order to participate, you must contact the Office of Student Accounts to verify eligibility. The deferment form must be submitted and any amount not covered by financial aid/loans must be paid by the payment deadline. Please click here for the Winter Deferment Form (pdf).  Please print out the form and return it to the Office of Student Accounts for processing.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

DVR students may defer payment for the current semester once the Office of Student Accounts has received verification of their eligibility from the State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Direct questions to Chanel Carter in the Office of Student Accounts at (201) 684-7173.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.