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Payment Policies

Tuition, fees, room and board and any required deposits are due in-full by the posted payment deadlines for each semester, unless the Office of Student Accounts has granted an authorized payment plan prior the deadline. Payment in-full can include payments made out-of-pocket, authorized financial aid, third party sponsorship, or any combination thereof. If you do not pay in-full or have an authorized payment plan by the posted deadline, you are subject to a $200 late fee and/or deregistration from your courses and dehousing.

Office of Student Accounts Hold Flag

Any student who has an outstanding balance will have a Office of Student Accounts Hold Flag placed on his/her account which will prevent registration, entrance into housing, receipt of an official transcript, and diploma. Once a student’s account is paid-in-full, the Office of Student Accounts Hold Flag will be removed. However, a student may still have a hold flag on their account that was placed by another office or department which will prevent the above


By registering either an online or in person, a student has created a financial obligation that must be paid to Ramapo College by the published deadline. Failure to comply may result in deregistration (cancellation of a student’s class schedule), dehousing (removal of a student from their housing assignment), and the assessment of a Late Payment Fee. Students who are deregistered will be notified by the Office of Student Accounts via their Ramapo email; Student who are dehoused will be notified by the Office of Residence Life via their Ramapo Email and in-person.

An outstanding balance does not always result in deregistration. There may be extenuating circumstances that would prevent your courses from being deregistered. If you do not intend to attend classes, we strongly recommend that you go online and drop the course(s) yourself or you will be responsible for payment. Deregistration is not recognized as an approved way to formally drop classes.

Credit/Debit Card Service Fee

This is a service fee that is charged by the credit card processor to the cardholder at the time of payment. The service fee revenue is not shared by the college.

Note: A service fee is not charged if payment is made by electronic debiting of a checking or savings account (ACH).

Late Payment Fee

Failure to pay according to published payment deadlines may result in the assessment of a Late Payment Fee for each missed payment deadline. A student could be assessed multiple late fees per term if more than one deadline is missed. The amount of the fee can change from semester to semester.

Schedule Reinstatement Fee

An administrative fee will be assessed to reinstate a deregistered schedule after the Add/Drop period is over. The amount that will be assessed is term dependent:

Fall and Spring Terms: $200.00
Summer Term: $100.00
Winter Term: $50.00

Finance Charge

A Finance Charge may be assessed against the account of any student with an outstanding Account Balance. This Finance Charge shall be calculated and assessed for each month that the balance remains $100.00 or greater. Each monthly Finance Charge will be calculated by multiplying 1.5% by the amount of the outstanding Account Balance. Finance Charges will not be assessed for students who participate in the Ramapo Tuition Payment Plan and have kept their account current. If a student has been terminated from the plan, he/she may be assessed a Finance Charge commencing with the next billing cycle.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.

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