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Parking Fee

The Parking Fee waiver form should only be used if you do not want to apply for a parking permit.

  • Do not mistake the submitting of a Parking Fee waiver as an application for a parking permit.
  • If you submit a Parking Fee waiver form, you cannot subsequently apply for a parking permit. If you apply for a parking permit after submitting a waiver, your application will be declined.
  • Submitting a parking waiver results in a credit to your account. The Parking Fee charge is not removed from your account. It is offset by the credit of the waiver transaction.  Your student account will reflect both the charge and the credit.
  • When the waiver form is submitted, the waiver will be posted to your account the following day.

Parking Fee Waiver Online Form

Parking Fee Waiver Instructions (PDF)


Student Refund

If you are requesting the Office of Student Accounts to apply a credit balance on your account to a future term, please print and return the completed the Student Refund Waiver Form to the Office of Student Accounts

Student Refund Waiver Form (PDF) This is NOT an online form.

Click here for the Parking Fee waiver submission deadlines.