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Student Services Committee

The purpose of the Ramapo College Student Services Committee (SSC) is to review and decide on student appeals/disputes related to certain matters of an extraordinary nature. The Committee is comprised of administrators from across campus, with representation from the Fiscal Heath Core, Teaching & Learning Core, Outreach & Engagement Core, and the Student Well-being Core.

Please be aware, matters relating to fines and penalties are the responsibility of issuing department, such as parking fines, late payment fees, student discipline, room damages, etc. and will not be addressed by the Committee. Appeals submitted by a third party will not be addressed. Students are required to file the appeals themselves.

The Committee will review all student appeals in a timely fashion. The Committee typically meets every two weeks, however some appeals may require additional time for review. The decisions of the Committee are binding and final, and are representative of the College’s administration.

Student Services Committee Appeal Form

Please provide a concise description of your appeal, ensuring it is specific and includes detailed information about the circumstances surrounding your appeal and the desired outcome. Include as much supporting documentation as possible; any medical records provided will be kept confidential.