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Fee Descriptions

Non-Tuition Related Fee Descriptions

Non-Tuition Related Fees are supplemental fees that are assessed on an annual or semester bases. These fees help fund certain specialized educational programs, lab courses, and range of support services. All Non-Tuition Related Fees are non-refundable at any time, with the exception of the Course Fee, Parking Fee, and Student Medical Insurance Charge. These Fees are refundable during the 100% refund period but are not refundable thereafter.

Below are descriptions of the five most common Non-Tuition Related Fees.

Credit Card Service Fee

This is a service fee that is charged by the credit card processor to the cardholder at the time of payment. The service fee revenue is not shared by the college.

Note: A service fee is not charged if payment is made by electronic debiting of a checking or savings account (ACH).

Late Payment Fee

Failure to pay according to published payment deadlines may result in the assessment of a Late Payment Fee for each missed payment deadline. A student could be assessed multiple late fees per term if more than one deadline is missed.

Schedule Reinstatement Fee

An administrative fee will be assessed to reinstate a deregistered schedule after the Add/Drop period is over.

Transcript Fee

The Transcript Fee is a one-time flat-fee that entitles a student to receive an unlimited number of official transcripts per career at no additional cost. Students who request e-transcripts from the National Student Clearinghouse will be charged an additional fee.

The College reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.