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New Faculty Orientation

Welcome to Ramapo!

Every August, the Faculty Resource Center coordinates New Faculty Orientation on campus.  For new faculty not able to attend (or for faculty who simply wish to brush up on what they learned!), videos of this information are listed here.  Please feel free to contact the individual presenter listed for more information or the FRC Director Tammi Redd.

Start Here

This presentation is a good place to “start” as a new faculty member at Ramapo.  It covers the basics of getting around campus and what you need to know to get started.

Office of Specialized Services

The Office of Specialized Services (OSS) serves our population of students with disabilities.  This office offers multiple services to help these students (and their faculty members) succeed.

Technology at Ramapo

At Ramapo, we have many different technology options for faculty.  The Instructional Design Center (IDC) offers many trainings throughout the semester on technology in the classroom.

Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success provides a comprehensive introduction to the academic and social environment of the Ramapo College community with a focus on the success and retention of all students.

Center for Reading and Writing

The Center for Reading and Writing offers consultations in writing, reading, and study skills to students on all academic levels across disciplines. Peer tutors and professional staff conduct individual sessions, as well as workshops; appointments are not necessary.

The George T. Potter Library

George T. Potter Library provides many resources and services for our students and faculty. Our librarians can work with your class and provide an Information Literacy session designed specifically for your course to teach your students’ research skills in the context of their assignments.

Center for Health and Counseling Services

The Center for Health and Counseling Services provides medical and mental health treatment to students. Through health care and psychological counseling, students are empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices that promote overall health and psychological well-being.

Health Services: Health Services provides diagnostic and primary health care for a wide variety of illnesses as well as education and prevention services.

Counseling Services: Counseling Services addresses the developmental and psychological needs of students through educational, therapeutic, and preventative services.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

BIT is a service for faculty to quickly report any students in immediate distress.  A team of faculty and staff will investigate the situation to determine how to best help the student.

Faculty Resource Center

The Faculty Resource Center (FRC) offers workshops and other programs to help faculty develop as educators.  This is your best resource for all things teaching-related.

What Else?

What other questions do you have?  Please feel free to contact FRC Director Tammi Redd with any questions you may have!