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Previous FRC Sessions

Did you miss an FRC session you were hoping to catch?  Did you see a great session you wanted to refer back to?  A selection of past FRC sessions are posted here with handouts and presentations.


November 4   Designing Apps for Teaching

Recording link:



May 18 – May 19, 2020    Fabulous Faculty Institute

Below are the recording for all sessions of the Fabulous Faculty Institute.  Please email Tammi Redd for password access.

Organized by:  Lysandra Perez-Strumolo, Michael Bitz, and Tammi Redd

Recorded WebEx Sessions

Faculty Conference: Situational Factors and Measuring Student Progress in Remote Learning Environments

Faculty Conference: Content Delivery-Effective Teaching and Learning Activities for Engaging Students with Course Material

Faculty Conference: Science Lab Focus Group

Faculty Conference: Engaging Online Assignments and Assessment Strategies

Faculty Conference: Engaging Ways to Deliver Content

Faculty Conference: Building Online Community

Faculty Conference: Fieldwork and Field Course Focus Group


February 19, 2020    Rubric Design for Grading and Assessment 
Presented by: Reba Wissner (CA)


April 20, 2020    The Dangers of Substance Use Disorders and Covid-19 

Presented by: Cory Rosenkranz (Center for Health and Counseling Services)

  • Email for more information


April 20, 2020    The Autism Spectrum and the ENHANCE PROGRAM @ Ramapo College 

Presented by: Suzanne Calgi (Center for Health and Counseling Services)