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Academic advisement resources for faculty and staff in the Center for Student Success

Academic advising plays a major role in student retention. We encourage you as faculty and/or staff academic advisors to use the resources on this page to nurture student success when called upon to help students plan their academic careers. Engaged and well-informed academic advising is critical to every student’s success. Advising should consist of a regular and sustained dialogue between the student and his/her advisor, far beyond the scope of determining what courses to take. When done well, academic advising helps our students to plan and implement programs of study that are consistent with their goals, interests, and strengths.

Appreciative Advising

The Center for Student Success has implemented appreciative advising as a philosophical approach to our work. Appreciative advising is the intentional collaborative practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students optimize their educational experiences to achieve their goals.

The centerpiece of Appreciative Advising are the six phases, which are listed below:

Appreiciative advising cycles

For more information and resources on Appreciative Advising and the six phases, please visit:

Identifying advisees in your caseload and communicating with them using Connect

Your assigned academic advisees can be identified by accessing  your advisee list in Connect. Use Connect to communicate with them and to help them identify/resolve any academic issues they might be experiencing.

How do my students declare their major, minor, and/or certificate if they haven’t done so?

They can complete the online major/minor declaration form and the Registrar’s Office will update the record in 5-7 days after form submission.