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Ramapo College’s assessment program includes three levels of interrelated committees and groups. The College-Wide Assessment Committee oversees the entire assessment program. Committee members include the Chair of GECCo (which assesses general education), a representative from the Library (which assesses information literacy), and school assessment coordinators, who chair School Assessment Committees (which coordinate assessment conducted by convening and other groups). Those groups assess student learning in the majors, minors, and graduate programs on an annual basis.

College-Wide Assessment Committee

School Assessment Committees

CWAC – Meeting Agenda/Minutes

CWAC Meeting Agenda 10-25-2017

CWAC Meeting Minutes 10-25-17

Agenda CWAC – 09-27-17

CWAC Minutes 09-27-2017


CWAC Meeting Minutes – 2-15- 2018

Minutes of CWAC Retreat Jan 2018

PPT Assessment /January 2018 Retreat

CWAC Agenda September 5 2018

CWAC Meeting Agenda 03_23_18

CWAC Meeting Minutes_3_23_18

CWAC Meeting Agenda 04-12-2018

CWAC Meeting Minutes_4_12_18

CWAC Meeting Agenda MAY 1

CWAC Agenda May 16 2018

CWAC Minutes May 16 2018

CWAC Minutes October 3 2018