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Foundation Allocation Grants


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In 2019 the Auzuri String Quartet played an open rehearsal (pictured) and later performed a public concert of original works by Ramapo students in the Musicianship III: Composition course.  (photo: Gilad Cohen)


Foundation Allocation Grants

The Foundation’s mission is to provide the resources that make the difference in Ramapo College’s quest for educational excellence.  To support this mission the Foundation sponsors a competitive grant program for the College community.  $40,000 will be available for the Foundation Allocation Grants in the 2021-2022 academic year.


  1. Projects that support the College Strategic Plan
  2. Projects that support the College Value Statements
  3. Faculty research, especially projects that involve students
  4. Projects that have the potential to secure future funds e.g. pilot projects, exploratory research, consultation with colleagues in the field

Not Funded Through Allocation Grants

  • Release time
  • Meals and food costs
  • Capital projects and equipment valued at $5,000 or more, with a useful life over two years


  • The fall deadline is June 15*
  • The spring deadline is February 1*
  • Grants awarded in either deadline must be spent by June 30

* Incomplete proposals, or proposals received after 4:30 PM on the day of the deadline will not be considered.

Review Process

The members of the Allocations Committee of the Board of Governors review all proposals and decide on award amounts.  Input from Officers of the College is considered, but is not determinative.

Applicants may not receive funding for more than three consecutive years.

Please note that many more requests are received than can be funded, and that many requests receive only partial funding.

Submitting An Application

      • Applicants are required to contact Claudia Esker (X-7374) in the Grants & Sponsored Programs office to discuss the project and review application procedures.
      • Be sure to discuss the project with your Dean or unit head.
      • Include information on what makes the project innovative or unique in its field.  This will help the committee better evaluate the request.
      • For any conference travel request, please attach the meeting web link or flyer.  All travel should be coach class and the best available rate and mode of transportation.  Requests for travel should only include conference fees, transportation, and accommodations (no meals).
      • If your project involves international travel, contact the Roukema Center prior to submitting the application.
      • Stipends for College employees will be paid through the Payroll Office.  Grantees must complete the Special Payment form and secure approvals before work begins.
      • Ramapo College student workers are paid through the Cahill Center.  Grantees must meet with the Student Assistant Program Coordinator (X-7224), before work begins.
      • Equipment purchased with Foundation funding is the property of Ramapo College.  Grantees must purchase and register the equipment according to Ramapo College policies and procedures.  If you are unsure of these guidelines, please contact the Purchasing Department (X-7496).
      • Applications may not be considered from grantees who have not completed all of their previous grant activities or submitted a final report.
      • Grants do not carry forward into the next fiscal year.
      • It is not the responsibility of the Foundation to follow up on incomplete grant applications.  Please help us be a strong advocate for your project by contacting us in advance, and providing a complete application.


Foundation Grant Application

Final Report

Submit a one-page final report to at the conclusion of the project.  The final report should describe the activities funded and outcomes of the work.  Please include any specific student-learning outcomes, and any initiatives that enhanced diversity, if any.  If your grant was for a publication or program for a performance, please provide a copy with the final report.

Information from the final report may be shared with the College’s Office of Public Relations to be used for publicity or news articles.

The final report is due by June 30.