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Professor Steve Anderson  Chemistry

  • D. Mazza, T. Simons, A. Toth and S. Anderson (2012) Reducing Unsaturated Organic Compounds via Transfer Hydrogenation using Wilkinson’s Catalyst and Isopropanal, JUCR,, 11, 59.

Professor Paramjeet Bagga  Bioinformatics, Genomics, Molecular Biology

  • *Menendez, C., Frees, S., and Bagga, P. (2012) QGRS-H Predictor: A Web Server for Predicting Homologous Quadruplex forming G-Rich Sequence Motifs in Nucleotide Sequences. Nucleic Acids Res. doi: 10.1093/nar/gks422.
  • *Bindra, R.S., Wang, J.T.L., and Bagga, P.S. (2010). Bioinformatics methods for studying microRNA and ARE mediated regulation of post-transcriptional gene expression. International Journal of Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics. 1: 97-112.
  • Bagga, P. (2008). Bioinformatics approaches for studying Untranslated Regions of mRNAs. In: Wilusz, J. ed. Methods in Molecular Biology Series: Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation. The Humana Press Inc., Totowa New Jersey. pp. 1-21.
  • Bagga, P. (2012). Development of an undergraduate bioinformatics degree program at a liberal arts college. Yale J Biol Med. 85:309-21.   Click here for complete list of publications

*Undergraduate students

Professor Kathy Burke  Nursing

  • Robinson, J and Burke, K.  “Generational Differences and Learning Style Preferences in Nurses from a Large Metropolitan Medical Center.”  Journal of Nursing and Staff Development.  (28)4, July/August 2012

Professor Andrea Centrella-Nigro Nursing

  • Centrella-Nigro, A.  Collaborative testing as post-test review. Nursing Education Perspectives, 33(5) 340-341, 2012.

Professor Scott Frees  Computer Science

  • Auteri, C., Guerra, M., Frees, S. (2013) “Increasing Precision for Extended Reach 3D Manipulation”. International Journal of Virtual Reality (accepted)

Professor Max Goldberg-Rugalev    Mathematics

  • M. Goldberg and S. Kim, An efficient tree-based computation of a metric comparable to a natural diffusion distance, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Vol. 33, Issue 2, September 2012, pp. 261-281.

Professor Eric Karlin  Plant Ecology

  • Karlin, E. F. 2014. Subgenome analysis of two Southern Hemisphere allotriploid species in Sphagnum (Sphagnaceae). Journal of Bryology 36: 165–179.
  • Karlin, E. F., E. M. Temsch, E. Bizuru, J. Marino*, S. B. Boles, N. Devos, A. J. Shaw. 2014. Invisible in plain sight: recurrent double allopolyploidy in the African Sphagnum ×planifolium(Sphagnaceae). The Bryologist 117: 187–201.
  • Stenøien, H. K., K. Hassel, R. Segreto, R. Gabriel, E. F. Karlin, A. J. Shaw and K. I. Flatberg. 2014. High morphological diversity in remote island populations of the peat moss Sphagnum palustre: glacial refugium, adaptive radiation or just plasticity? The Bryologist 117: 95–109.
  • Karlin, E. F., W. R. Buck, R. D. Seppelt, S. B. Boles, and A. J. Shaw. 2013. The double allopolyploid Sphagnum ×falcatulum (Sphagnaceae) in Tierra del Fuego, a Holantarctic perspective. Journal of Bryology 35: 157–172.
  • Complete list of publications
  • *Ramapo student

Professor Seung-Sup Kim  Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Burke V, Williams C, Sukumaran M, Kim S.-S., Li H, Wang XH, Gorny MK, Zolla-Pazner S, Kong XP., Structural basis of the cross-reactivity of genetically related human anti-HIV-1 mAbs: implications for design of V3-based immunogens. Structure. 2009 Nov 11;17(11):1538-46.
  • Georgescu R. E., Yurieva O, Kim S.-S., Kuriyan J.., Kong X. P., O’Donnell M., Structure of a small-molecule inhibitor of a DNA polymerase sliding clamp. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Aug 12;105(32):11116-21.
  • Georgescu R., Kim S.-S., Yurieva O., Kuriyan J., Kong X. P., and O’Donnell M., Structure of a Sliding Clamp on DNA. Cell. 2008 Jan; 132: 43-54

Professor Donovan McFeron Mathematics

  • Donovan McFeron and Gabor Szekelyhidi “On the Positive Mass Theorem for manifolds with corners.” Communications in Mathematical Physics. 313(2012), 425-443
  • Donovan McFeron, “The Mabuchi metric and the Kahler-Ricci flow.” Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (in press).

Professor Emma Rainforth  Environmental Science

  • Lucas, S.G., S. Voigt, A. Lerner, and E. C. Rainforth. 2013. ‘Sphaerapus, a poorly known invertebrate trace fossil from nonmarine Permian and Jurassic strata of North America’. Ichnos, in press.

Professor Edward Saiff  Biology

  • Saiff, Edward  (2011). The Middle Ear Region of the Cariamiformes (Aves). Annals of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History 80(1): 29-33[CA student Daniel Fic was my illustrator]
  • Saiff, Edward  (2006). The Middle Ear of Falconiiformes.. Annals of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History 75(2): 69-96 [student Thomas Nevins was my illustrator]

Professor Ash Stuart Biochemistry & Bioinformatics

  • Vincent P. Buonaccorsi, Michael D. Boyle, Deborah Grove, Craig Praul, Eric Sakk, Ash Stuart, Tammy Tobin, Jay Hosler, Susan L. Carney, Michael J. Engle, Barry E. Overton, Jeffrey D. Newman, Marie Pizzorno, Jennifer R. Powell, and Nancy Trun, “GCAT-SEEKquence: Genome Consortium for Active Teaching of Undergraduates through Increased Faculty Access to Next-Generation Sequencing Data” CBE-Life Science Education, Vol. 10, 342-345, 2011.