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Faculty Resources

Faculty Personnel Procedures

Faculty Handbook

Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion procedures (Employee Relations website, ‘Faculty’ tab)

Sabbatical Leave (Employee Relations website, ‘Faculty’ tab)

Career Development (Employee Relations website, ‘Faculty’ tab)

Emeritus Policy and Procedure (Board of Trustees website, ‘E’ link)

Faculty Hiring Process

Dean’ Hire Recommendation

Hiring Package Checklist

Information for New and Adjunct Faculty

Curriculum and Course Information

Faculty Hub

General Education – requirements and descriptions of categories

Syllabus template (ARC website)

New courses – refer to ARC website

Descriptions of existing descriptions: refer to Course Catalog

Information about programs: refer to College Catalog

New faculty: reappointment procedures

First-year faculty apply for reappointment in January. Reappointment packets must include Fall semester classroom evaluations from your Dean, a faculty peer, and a recommendation from your convening group – please plan accordingly. For complete information refer to the Employee Relations Website.

About Classrooms

For queries regarding technology in classrooms (computer projectors, etc.) please contact Media Services (x 7400).

Parking Permits, ID cards

To gain access to the faculty parking lot you need a swipe card, available at Public Safety (C-102). Public Safety issues ID cards to faculty. Parking permits must be applied for from the Public Safety website.

About Students

Students showing signs of serious distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors may be referred to the Behavioral Intervention Team.

If an instructor judges the behavior of a student interferes with his/her ability to conduct a class, the instructor may suspend the student for the remainder of that class session. The instructor may call Public Safety to escort the student out of class in the event the student refuses to leave. Refer to the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook for additional information.

If a faculty member suspects that a student has a disability but the student’s name does not appear on the list of OSS students received that semester, please contact an OSS staff member for guidance.

Pedagogical Resources

Ramapo Mindfulness Fellowship Program

The purpose of this program is to cultivate a forum for faculty who are motivated to share and develop knowledge of contemplative practices applied  to higher education pedagogy.

You can access the Program at this link:

Faculty Resource Center

The FRC promotes teaching excellence. It holds workshops and offers various services for faculty. The FRC is located in E-116. Please visit the FRC website for complete information.

Instructional Design Center

The IDC provides technology training and assistance to faculty. Regular training is provided for Moodle and Luminis. The IDC is located in ASB 020 (basement). IDC website.

NYU Faculty Resource Network

Several programs are available including Summer Workshops, Scholar-in-Residence and University Associate programs. Debbie Yuster is the Ramapo liaison for the program.

Ramapo College Funding Opportunities

Faculty Development Fund (FDF)

Any faculty member (assistant/associate/full professor, instructor) may apply for FDF awards for  research. Application materials, guidelines and deadlines can be found on the Employee Relations website (‘faculty’ tab).

Research allocations are subject to availability of funds.  All successful applicants will be required to submit a report on the results of their research by the end of the semester following the award year. Recipient’s projects and awards can be found below.  Please note that in the past FDF awards were  known as Separately Budgeted Research or SBR.

Unit Travel Funds

Each School provides limited travel funds for faculty to attend conferences or conduct research. Consult the Dean of your School for further information.

Faculty/Student Research Funding

Each School provides limited funding for faculty-student research. These funds may not be used for travel or to attend conferences. In addition, Student Affairs provides some funding for students to attend conferences; the application materials are provided to faculty near the beginning of each semester.

Meadowlands Faculty Research

The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission provides funding for faculty scholarship relating to the Meadowlands. Please contact Angela Cristini for additional information.

Ramapo College Foundation

The Ramapo College Foundation Allocations Committee offers a grant program for projects that advance the mission of the college. Application forms and guidelines are available in the Foundation offices in the Mansion, or online at the Foundation’s Website.

Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable (TLTR)

TLTR grants are awarded to engage faculty to integrate the technologies throughout the disciplines at Ramapo College. Please visit the TLTR grants website for application materials, guidelines, and to view previous awards.

External Funding Opportunities

Grants Administration

The Ramapo College Foundation and the Division of Institutional Advancement are pleased to work with you to seek funding for projects in your areas of interest and for other projects which benefit the College community.

Please contact Angela Cristini (ext. 7724) in the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs before you solicit a private foundation, corporation, individual, federal agency, or state agency so as not to jeopardize requests that may already be pending. Use the form below. Alternatively, if a funder has expressed interest in your work, contact the Institutional Advancement office to make sure all IRS and State charities requirements are met regarding the acceptance of gifts.

Throughout the academic year the office of Grants and Sponsored Programs distributes a “Grants Alert” to faculty and staff members describing grant programs available from government agencies, private foundations, and corporations.

If you seek funding for an innovative campus-based project, contact Claudia Esker to explore funding options. Alternatively, if a funder has expressed interest in your work, contact the Institutional Advancement office to make sure all IRS and State charities requirements are met regarding the acceptance of gifts.

Awards, Scholarships, Visiting Scholar Programs

Fulbright Scholars List – Updated 2022

Faculty-Student Research Award

To encourage and promote student involvement in research scholarship, an award is given to faculty members and Ramapo students who have done research in close collaboration. The outcome of the scholarship should have been juried or refereed outside the institution and should have resulted in conference presentation, publication or exhibition. The student(s) should have made a significant contribution to the project, not merely providing help for routine tasks. The award is presented to one outstanding student researcher in each school at the annual Honors Convocation.

Provost’s Scholarships

For awards available through the Office of the Provost, students must have a grade point average of 3.50 or higher and 24 Ramapo credits. Students must submit an application form, essay, and letter of recommendation from a faculty member or employer. The application form is available in the Provost’s Office, Room 101 of the Birch Mansion. For additional information please visit the Admissions website

Schomburg Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program

The Minority Faculty and Staff Association has created criteria for the Schomburg Scholar program. Please review before submitting your proposal. For the 2018/19 academic year applications for the fall term are still being accepted. Please see the Schomburg page for more information:

The Fred and Florence Thomases Faculty Award

The Fred and Florence Thomases Award will be given annually to one or two members of the faculty who demonstrate significant and ongoing contributions to the development of the college. This can be expressed through teaching, scholarship, service to committees and outstanding fulfillment of professional responsibility.  A complete list of winners since the award began in 1977 can be found below.

Recent Recipients:

Thomases Award 2022

This year the Thomases Award was awarded to Jacquelyn Skrzynski, Professor of  Art and Painting – in the school of Contemporary Arts

Professor Jacquelyn Skrzynski is flanked by Interim Provost Susan Gaulden to her left and President Cindy Jebb on her right.


Past Thomases Award Winners

The Henry Bischoff Excellence in Teaching Award

The Henry Bischoff Excellence in Teaching Award was created to honor deceased Ramapo colleague and historian Henry Bischoff, when he retired in 1997. This award is given to a faculty member whose work as a teacher embodies the best of Ramapo’s teaching culture. Nominations are made by a faculty member on behalf of a colleague. Each nomination must be in writing in a letter or email message with a narrative citing specific reasons for the nomination.

A complete list of winners can be found below this photo.

This year the Bischoff Award for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to two winners: Associate Professor  of Spanish, Natalia Santamaria Laorden,  in the school of Humanities and Global Studies,  and Professor of Teacher Education, Julie Norflus-Good, in the school of Social Science and Human Services.  Both presenters delivered their talk  in the York Room.

From Left: President Jebb, Professor Santamaria Laorden, Professor Norflus-Good and Interim Provost Gaulden.


Past Bischoff Award Winners

Approved Time Blocks