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Comprehensive Academic Plan

Ramapo College Comprehensive Academic Plan, 2023-2029

Under President Cindy Jebb’s leadership, the Ramapo community came together during 2021-23 to form the Boldly Ascending strategic plan. Based on the core principles of this plan, a primarily faculty task force was charged with creating a Comprehensive Academic Plan for the College to strengthen the central mission of Teaching and Learning with support across the community. Whereas academic units across campus are frequently involved in their own plans for self improvement including 5 year reviews, the CAP moves the Campus forward by serving as a holistic plan to advance teaching, learning, research, scholarship and creative activity and meet the promise of Boldly Ascending. With innovation at its core, and in consideration of our resources as a public institution, the plan provides a high-level overview of guiding principles that then filter into objectives and tasks that guide future action. As such, a budget process must be developed to ensure resources are allocated in support of initiatives reflective of the outlined values and goals of the CAP to both invest in new initiatives and sustain funding to support Teaching and Learning Core fully functioning. Furthermore, the plan leverages Ramapo’s commitment to shared governance as we work collaboratively to meet our mission. In other words, this is a plan that is formed from ideas across the Teaching and Learning Core and its success is dependent on faculty and staff committing to its enactment and its future evolution.

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