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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Major Requirements

General Education Courses within the Majors:

MATH 121: Calculus I (Quantitative Reasoning)
CHEM 116/116L: General Chemistry I Lecture/Lab (Scientific Reasoning)

Common Courses:

CHEM 117/117L: General Chemistry II Lecture/Lab
CHEM 211/211L: Organic Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
CHEM 213/213L: Organic Chemistry II Lecture/Lab
CHEM 324/324L: Quantitative Chemical Analysis Lecture/Lab
CHEM 340/340L : Physical Chemistry I Lecture/Lab (WI)
MATH 122: Calculus II
PHYS 116/116L: Physics I with Calculus Lecture/Introductory Physics I lab
PHYS 117/117L: Physics II with Calculus Lecture/Introductory Physics II lab

Chemistry Major:

Biochemistry Major:

CHEM 342/342L: Physical Chemistry II Lecture/Lab (WI) BIOL 332: Genetics Lecture/Lab (WI)
CHEM 427/427L: Instrumental Analysis Lecture/Lab (WI) BIOL 407: Cell and Molecular Biology Lecture/Lab
CHEM 451/451L: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lecture/Lab** CHEM 425: Biochemistry*
MATH 225 Multivariable Calculus CHEM 446: Biochemistry II
CHEM Elective* CHEM 430: Experimental Biochemistry (WI)
CHEM Elective BIOL: 111/111L: Fundamentals of Biology I Lecture/Lab
BIOL: 113/113L: Fundamentals of Biology II Lecture/Lab
*CHEM 425 is required as one of the two electives for students seeking ACS certification of Chemistry Major ** CHEM 451/451L Is an additional requirement only for students seeking ACS certification of Biochemistry Major

CHEM Electives:

BINN 351: Protein Structure and Modelling
CHEM 400: Independent Study
CHEM 421: Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 445: Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 450: Special Topics
ENSC 343/343L: Environmental Chemistry Lecture/Lab
PHYS 423 : Quantum Mechanics
SRSH 301/302/401/402 : TAS Research Honors