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Chemistry and Biochemistry Programs



  • The study of chemistry provides an understanding of matter and how it undergoes physical and chemical transformations into the near-infinite forms it can take.
  • Chemistry has a profound influence on our everyday lives, and chemical knowledge is central to our understanding of biological and environmental problems:
    • Chemicals are added to food and water for health, preservation, and taste
    • Synthetic polymers are used in place of natural materials in furniture and clothing
    • Major modes of transportation use chemical reactions to produce energy needed for motion.
    • The human body manufactures hormones and enzymes that regulate the living process.
    • Medicine cabinets are stocked with drugs whose chemistry affects the state of body and mind.
  • Chemistry is truly pervasive in all aspects of our lives.
  • The Chemistry Program at Ramapo College is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and students can receive an ACS certified degree if they select the required electives (see four year plan)
  • Four-Year Plan of Courses 


  • A Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry provides the essential background and training that can open a variety of career pathways for students upon graduation.
  • The biochemistry major is excellent preparation for professional studies in the health sciences:
    • For secondary school teaching in the biological and physical sciences
    • For research in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
    • For technical writing, sales, and service; and as the basis for graduate studies
  • The combination of chemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, and genetic engineering found in biochemistry provides the foundation to contribute to the rapidly expanding field of biotechnology.
  • Graduating biochemistry majors have the opportunity to receive an ACS certified degree.
  • Four-Year Plan of Courses