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Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Effective Remote Team Communication

Team Leaders must be able to deal with a crisis at some point in their career, but when the time comes, they’re often unprepared for it. Whether the crisis comes from the implications of the coronavirus or other uncertainties real or imagined, they will impact the team and their productivity.  So, how can your leadership and communication style make all the difference for your team’s success?

Dealing with a crisis and unprecedented fear of the unknown requires leaders to be prepared themselves, and have the right communication strategy to help their team as well. Join Roger Jans for a helpful webinar to prepare you to lead successfully during times of crisis, change, and uncertainty.

During this session you will learn:

The importance of a team leader’s role during times of crisis and uncertainty

How to balance your needs with the needs of your team

How to provide support to your team during uncertain situations

Creating an ongoing communication strategy during times of crisis.


Size: Registration required/seating limited to 100

PDF of Presentation – Effective Remote Team Communication.handouts

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