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Performance Appraisal


Performance Appraisal is used to facilitate communication between employees and their supervisors, and to clarify job expectations. Moreover, performance appraisal serves to align individual employee’s contributions to the College’s planning and assessment activities.

The College is committed to recognizing and rewarding job performance within the context of the College’s Mission and Strategic Plan through a consistent, fair and understandable appraisal process.

Performance appraisal and performance management are an ongoing process of communication, feedback, evaluation and review, not a one-time effort. The process provides an opportunity to: (a) develop a clear definition of the job for both the supervisor and the employee; (b) establish employee outcomes and assess progress toward achievement targets, as well as personal and professional development; (c) encourage dialogue between the supervisor and employee; (d) provide a means of identifying and addressing of job-related performance issues; (e) foster morale, and (f) provide a fair basis for acknowledging employee performance.

Performance appraisals benefit all concerned – the employee, the supervisor and Ramapo College. The performance appraisal process provides a useful framework to foster communication between the supervisor and the employee. Improved communication regarding expectations and job performance enhances employee productivity, personal satisfaction, rewarding relationships, and effective problem solving.

Appraisal Tools & Employee Groups Overview

 Ramapo College uses the following appraisal tools for classified employees:

 Performance Assessment Review (PAR) – Classified Employees

There are two versions of the PAR – one for employees and one for supervisors.  The Performance Assessment Review (PAR) has three levels for the Rater to assess employee performance: “Exceptional”, “Successful” or “Unsatisfactory”.  The PAR appraisal cycle commences with the College’s academic year September 1st and concludes August 31st.  Links to the PAR forms and instructions are below.


PAR Cycle Appraisal Cycle Begin date Appraisal Cycle End Date Create New Job Expectations Interim Due Final  Due
2022-2023 9/1/2022 8/31/2023 9/1/2022 3/1/2023 9/30/2023
2023-2024 9/1/2023 8/31/2024 9/1/2023 3/1/2024 9/30/2024

Complete the 2022-2023 PAR:

  • 2022-2023 PAR Cycle: Ratee and Rater complete and sign the Final evaluation, which includes rating the Job Achievement Factors and Performance Factors, as well as a Final Development Plan.  We encourage supervisors to identify 1-2 training workshops in the Final Development Plan.  Internal training opportunities are summarized on the Learning and Development webpage at:
  • The Final evaluation is reviewed and signed by the Reviewer.
  • The original PAR document is kept in your unit and a copy of the completed PAR document is emailed to

Create the New 2023-2024 PAR: 

  • 2023-2024 PAR Cycle: Create the Job Expectations for the Ratee, which will include the Major Goals of the Unit, Major Goals of the Ratee, and the Job Responsibilities and Essential Criteria.
  • The PAR must be signed by the Ratee, Rater, and the Reviewer.
  • The original PAR document is kept in your unit and a copy of the completed PAR Job Expectations emailed to

For the form and instructions please visit the web page – and click on the Performance Appraisal tab.

For Planning Year (PY) 2024 PMAT Manager Performance – please see the Learning & Development website  The form and instructions are located under the Leadership Model tab.  Any questions – please contact Roger Jans at or Jennifer Hicks McGowan at