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This page is dedicated to providing resources to transgender and gender nonconforming students, faculty, and staff at Ramapo College.

To learn more about the transgender community at Ramapo, contact the Women’s Center. If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at (201) 684-7468. 

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Gender Inclusive Restrooms provide safe and comfortable restroom facilities for queer, trans, and gender nonconforming, people. The chart below lists the locations for all of the Gender Inclusive Restrooms on campus.




1st Floor of E-Wing

Gender Inclusive Restroom


1st Floor of G-wing

Gender Inclusive Restroom


1st Floor of the Adler Center

Gender Inclusive Restroom


2nd Floor of Laurel Hall

Gender Inclusive Restroom Male, Female, & Wheelchair Symbol


Floors 1-5 Lobbies in Mackin Hall

Gender Inclusive Restroom Male, Female, & Wheelchair Symbol


Floors 1-5 Lobbies in Bischoff Hall

Gender Inclusive Restroom Male, Female, & Wheelchair Symbol

2 separate single stalls

1st Floor of Pine Hall

Gender Inclusive Restroom Male, Female, & Wheelchair Symbol


Floors 1-5 Lobbies in Linden Hall

Gender Inclusive Restroom Male, Female, & Wheelchair Symbol


Floors 2-8 in The Overlook

Gender Inclusive Restroom Male, Female, & Wheelchair Symbol


2nd Floor in Birch Mansion

No Signage

2 separate single stalls

3rd Floor in Berrie Center

Male, Female Sign

2 separate single stalls

Name Changes on Campus

In recognition of students who use a name that differs from their legal name, Ramapo College’s Used Name Policy provides a pathway for students to be officially recognized, included, and given the opportunity to identify themselves as they wish (this should not be confused with the Change of Name form, which addresses legal name changes). After submitting the short Used Name Application, a member of the Name Committee will contact you to discuss how the process will unfold (e.g. where the Used Name will be utilized on campus).

Used Name Application

Formed in 2016, the Name Committee is representative of faculty, staff, and students and they work toward bringing awareness and understanding to name assignment concerns from an international, transgender, faith and spirituality, legal, family dynamic, and other related perspectives. In recognition and support for students who use a name that may differ from their legal name, the Name Committee’s goal is that all members of the College are recognized, included, and have an avenue to self-identify.  The work of the committee furthers the College’s goal toward having trans-culturally responsive practices and acknowledges that name assignment issues stem from gender identity, cultural background, and a variety of other social issues.

Training and Development
The committee has offered professional development on these important issues to both faculty and staff. In the fall semester, all faculty receive a training document created by the Name Committee entitled “What In a Name?”  Some students indicate that being mis-named and mis-gendered is a source of anxiety and creates an environment in which it is more of a challenge for them to learn and focus on academic material.  The “What’s In A Name?” training document was designed to help faculty continue to maintain a positive and affirming environment where all students are welcome.

In January 2018, the Name Committee offered in-person training related to faculty and staff through Human Resources Learning and Development “Lunch and Learn” series.  And, the Honorable Judge Paul Vichness joined us for a workshop on how to legally change one’s name.  The workshop was followed by a panel of Ramapo students and staff who discussed their own name assignment issues, challenges, and talked about how others at the College can support them.

Some members of the Name Committee have chosen to include their used pronouns in their e-mail signature as a way to help build inclusivity, bring awareness to gender identity, and to reject assumptions and judgments.  Including our used pronouns on our e-mail signature takes away the guesswork. The goal of adding used pronouns to one’s e-mail signature is to lift society from operating in assumptions and to punctuate how important using one’s correct pronouns is to our community of learners. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to update their e-mail signatures.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to invite employees to order nametags that include their used pronouns.

Students: For assistance in communicating names and pronouns to professors, coaches, on-campus employers, etc., contact the Women’s Center,


Callen-Lorde Community Health Center – Correcting Your NY, NJ, CT, and Federal Identity Documents (2013)

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association – Ten Things Transgender Persons Should Discuss with their Healthcare Provider (2012)

PFLAG of Bergen County, New Jersey – Helpful Resources

Resources for hotline and mental health, general health, addiction, violence, transgender-specific resources, education, general resources, bookstores, and reading lists!

Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals: 

Suggested Best Practices for Supporting Trans Students

*Note: The Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals uses trans* in this resource packet.

Lambda Legal – Changing Birth Certificate Sex Designations in NJ

Statute: N.J. Stat. Ann. § 26:8-40.12 (2006).

The State registrar shall issue an amended certificate of birth to a person born in this State who undergoes sex reassignment surgery and requests an amended certificate of birth which shows the sex and name of the person as it has been changed.

Summary: New Jersey will issue a birth certificate reflecting the proper sex.

Transgender College Student Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is a joint publication of Lambda Legal and the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professional.

Lambda Legal Transgender Rights Toolkit

Hormone Therapy:

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center – Trans Health

Planned Parenthood NYC