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Meet the Staff

Professional Staff

Coordinator of the Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services: Vacant

Graduate Student Intern: Gabriella (GB) Buckley

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers


Phone: (201) 684-7136

Office: C-220

Student Staff

Student Office Manager/Trans Outreach Coordinator: Parker Rogers

Pronouns: He, Him, His / They, Them, Theirs

The Student Office Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating office administration and procedures in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. He runs transcend on alternating Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm, this is a weekly discussion group for trans, nonbinary, gender fluid, and questioning students.

Shades Discussion Group Leader: Khalisah Hameed

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Khalisah facilitates Shades, the weekly peer to peer discussion group for self-identified women of color.


Student Health & Wellness Coordinator: Mariella Zijdel

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

The Student Health & Wellness Coordinator helps promote community wellness through health awareness campaigns, education, and programming. She also coordinates the planning and delivery of wellness programs including health awareness (bulletin boards, newsletters), educational campaigns, and health fairs.

Violet Discussion Group Leader: Nina Ravi

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Nina facilitates Violet, a weekly peer-to-peer discussion group for women who are lesbian, bisexual, queer, and/or questioning.

InQlusive Discussion Group Leader: Leslie Pascal

Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

Leslie runs InQlusive which is a weekly discussion group for students who are questioning or identify as LGBT