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The Women’s Center offers presentations on a variety of topics in conjunction with other campus organizations. Some topics are, but not limited to: Healthy Love Party, Queer 101 Presentations, Women’s Center 101, Defining Diversity, Redefining Masculinity, and Body Image Workshop. Click here to submit a request form.

**Please note that requests for a speaker can ONLY be received electronically.

If you are looking for a more specific presentation that does not fit into our established topics, but does coincide with our mission, there is an opportunity to specify your request in this form. E-mail, call (201) 684-7468 or stop by the Women’s Center (C-220) with any questions.

Body Image Workshop 

This presentation covers topics of health and wellness in relation to how we treat and view our bodies. This workshop aims to promote and educate about healthy body image, challenge the thin ideal of female beauty, and prevent the onset of eating disorders.

Building an Inclusive Community

This presentation covers privilege, microaggressions, equity, diversity, and identity development. Participants will learn about their identities as well as how to make spaces more inclusive and safe for other identities.

Defining Diversity

We explore historical issues surrounding diversity as well as modern approaches to inclusiveness and evaluations of the success of these endeavors.

Healthy Love Party

Healthy Love Parties educate about safe, fun sex in a relatable and interesting way. We cover topics like barrier methods, consent 101, campus resources, and how to reduce your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and/or pregnancy. If you would like us to focus on any specific aspect of safer sex, please specify that in the form. At the end we review what the audience has learned with a variety of fun games.

Redefining Masculinity

This presentation covers topics of masculinity, such as: gender roles & stereotypes within society; how society defines concepts of manhood; what it means to be a ‘man’ in society; how young boys are raised; and the ill-effects of toxic masculinity in relation to gender-based violence.

Queer 101

This introduction to queer theory provides a basic overview of the queer community. It delves into “queer” as an identity as well as a movement, and explains each identity (LGBTQIA+) in depth. The goal of this presentation is to promote an understanding of the queer community and basic terminology. PLEASE NOTE: if you desire a panel of queer identified students to speak to a class, you may be looking for a Queer Panel. For this option, please contact Ramapo Pride at

Women’s Center 101

This presentation covers the history and founding of the Women’s Center as well as the current mission. Topics we deal with frequently (such as gender, sex, race, ability, sexual orientation, age, class, and ethnicity) will be addressed, as well as our initiatives surrounding those topics. We will provide an overview of Women’s Center services, resources, and on campus activism.