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Used Name

Section Title:Academic Affairs
Policy Number:300-N1
Policy Name:Used Name
Approval Authority:President's Cabinet
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Provost/VPAA
Responsible Unit:Academic Affairs
Date Adopted:March 2021


Policy Statement

In recognition of students who use a name that differs from their legal name, Ramapo College’s  Used Name Policy provides a pathway for students to be officially recognized, included, and  given the opportunity to identify themselves as they wish (this should not be confused with the  Change of Name form, which addresses legal name changes).

Reason for Policy:

This policy, and related procedure, helps the College in continuing to ensure a positive and  affirming environment for all students.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply:

The policy applies to all students

Related Documents:

Name Policy Justification Addendum

Definition of a Student


Dean of Students Office, 201-684-7457



Ramapo College will permit a student to update their Used Name in the College’s student  information system (presently known as Banner). The student may update their first and middle  names. If approved, the student’s updated name will be applied when the college  conducts official business or for educational purposes. In order for students to apply for a Used  Name Change, they must do the following:


  • Complete the Used Name application and submit to the Dean of Students Office (This application will be available in multiple offices and on multiple office websites).
  • The Dean of Students or their designee will review used name applications[1]. If approved, that will be communicated to the Registrar’s Office.
  • The Registrar’s Office will input the Used Name into Banner.
  • If approved, the student’s used name will be updated to the places where it can be applied, as detailed in the list below.
  • The used name will not be updated to the places where the legal name is required, as detailed in the list below.
  • The College reserves the right to refuse to accept any name that is against the mission and values of the College or that is objectionably offensive to others.
  • Students may appeal a decision to reject their used name change application by submitting a statement for review to the Name Committee.
  • The Name Committee will assess the validity of the appeal, and make a final determination.  When appropriate, the Name Committee will utilize their expertise in understanding transgender and non-binary individuals’ lived experience in their determination.

Places where legal name is required:

  • Hiring paperwork
  • Accounts payable checks
  • Financial aid and student accounts/bills
  • Student Employment records (W-2 and I-9) and paychecks
  • Official Transcripts
  • Federal immigration documents/visas[2]
  • Enrollment/Degree Verifications
  • Law Enforcement Records
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Study abroad and travel documents
  • Admissions Records

Places where the used name can be applied:

  • Student information system self-service platforms
  • Course/Advisement Rosters
  • Faculty grade entry & final grade submissions
  • Connect/Starfish
  • Learning management systems (e.g., Canvas)
  • Videoconferencing applications (e.g., WebEx)
  • Degree audit system (i.e., U.Achieve)
  • OrgSync
  • Residential life and housing services
  • Meal plan payment systems
  • Student and employee Directory and campus mail services
  • Building service access systems
  • Campus ID
  • Commencement program and cards that announce out loud the names of graduating students
  • Athletic team rosters
  • Dean’s List
  • Diplomas[3]
  • Ramapo email address[4]


[1] Any individual who will review applications must complete training specifically geared to  understanding transgender and non-binary individuals’ lived experience (e.g., Safe Zone).

[2] International students must first check with the Roukema Center for International Education before updating a name due to the potential for immigration-related issues.

[3]  Students will be able to choose whether to list the used name or legal name on the diploma.

[4] The student will need to change their email address in order for the used name to fully apply; otherwise only the email display will reflect the used name.