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Welcome to the Psychology Program at Ramapo College

Psychology Program ClassroomThe Psychology Program offers a rich and varied experience for students.  Our program is designed to guide students through foundational, traditional, and radical theories, perspectives, and research skills.  Our faculty represent diversity in approaches and areas of expertise, while sharing a commitment to the core values of social justice, personal development, and civic engagement.

Since the start of the college in 1969, Ramapo’s Psychology program has been at the forefront of service learning and experiential learning, requiring all students complete a fieldwork course and engage in on-site learning.  Through these internships students are able to apply their knowledge, gain experience, and get a taste of the field.

In addition to socially focused and experiential learning, students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty on faculty led research projects, and are supported in their own original research.

Our course offerings, experiential learning opportunities, and the close relationships students can forge with faculty, not only help to prepare students for a variety of careers, but also for deep and thoughtful engagement with the rapidly changing and diverse world.

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Psychology Spring 2020 Colloquium Series

Cancelled due to COVID-19 shutdown

Dr. Nim Tottenham

Cancelled- new date TBD



Presentation Title: Development of Emotion Regulation Neurobiology & the Role of Early Experiences

Dr. Nim Tottenham is an is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Columbia University and director of the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. Her research examines brain development underlying emotional behavior in humans.