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Child Development Lab

Welcome to the Ramapo College Cognitive Development Lab!

Research in the Cognitive Development Lab explores how children solve problems, perceive actions, coordinate motor skills, interact with caregivers, and use objects. We are interested in understanding children’s cognitive, perceptual, and motor skill development as well as children’s social environment.

Current research in the lab is examining how children cope with “fitting tasks” to help understand the exploratory behaviors that children perform in fitting objects through small and large openings. Fitting is a multi-step process involving prospective planning, decision-making, and linking several small routines into a unified action.

The Cognitive Development Lab is seeking parents and children who are interested in participating in our studies. We are currently conducting studies with infants and children between 1 and 8 years of age. Studies last between 45 and 60 minutes and can be scheduled for day, evening, or weekend sessions. Both children and parents enjoy the experience. Any information collected is kept strictly confidential.

If you are interested in participating with your child, please contact Dr. Shaziela Ishak at or call (201) 684-7418 for more information.

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Undergraduate Research Positions open for Spring 2024. Please contact Dr. Shaziela Ishak ( for more information.

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