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What does a study involve?
We have several studies in the lab. All of our studies involve playing simple games that both children and parents enjoy. Your child may play a sorting game with an experimenter or may be asked about how objects fit through openings. Some of our studies involve caregivers too. You may be asked to teach your child about different objects.

How long does a study last?
Studies last from 30 to 90 minutes.


Where do the studies take place?
The studies take place at Ramapo College of New Jersey’s Cognitive Development Lab.


Will I be able to stay with my child during the session?
Yes, you will be with your child for the entire study.


What ages are you looking for?
We are looking for children between 1- to 8-years-old.


Will my children’s personal information remain confidential?
Yes, we will not release any information about your child. Your child will remain anonymous in any publication.


Does my child receive anything for participating?
Yes, in gratitude for participating in the study your child will receive a small gift.


Can I bring my other children?
We would be happy to baby sit your other children during the study. We have a waiting room with coloring books and activities. Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing siblings.


What if my child does not want to play?
You and your child are able to leave at any time during the study. Completion of the study is not mandatory and we understand if you and your child choose to leave.


How can I sign up my child to participate in a study?
You can click here to sign up your child, call the Child Development Lab at (201) 684-7733, or email us at


Is there parking available?
Parking is available on campus and when you schedule an appointment we will give you specific instructions about where to park. A lab assistant will also meet you upon arrival and escort you to the Child Development Lab.