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Advancing Requests to the Office of the President

Upcoming Events

The Office of the President is pleased to partner with you!

Whether you are requesting the President’s participation at an event, seeking an appointment to meet with the President, or need to secure the President’s review of or signature on materials, please note that our Office is committed to meeting your needs.

Presidential Participation in Events

Please be advised that the President’s calendar is generally scheduled several weeks/months in advance so requests for the President’s participation in events or programs should be mindful of this when possible.

Internal persons/organizations requesting the President’s participation in a program or event must complete the Request for Presidential Participation in Event Form below. This form is received by the Office of the President and, upon submission, requestors can expect to hear back from the Office generally within 5-7 business days. All requests should be received 21 days in advance of the event/program date.

(Internal Requestors) Request for Presidential Participation in Event Form


Document Review/Authorization

The Office of the President receives a significant amount of external and internal inquiries and correspondence. To assist with managing this flow of information, we ask that all internal stakeholders at the College attach the Request for Presidential Authorization Form below to any relevant materials* that require the President’s review and signature/authorization. Our Office aims to satisfy such requests generally within 5-7 business days of receipt.

*Please note for materials requiring a signature, hard copies are preferred.

Request for Presidential Authorization Form (pdf)


Meeting Time with the President

If you are seeking private or semi-private meeting time with the President, please share your request directly with Stasi Papandreou Webber, Special Assistant to the President, at (ext. 7537) with a copy to Brittany A. Williams-Goldstein, Chief of Staff and Board Liaison, at (ext. 7609). Stasi partners with the President in the management of the President’s calendar and Brittany works alongside the President to advance and/or facilitate matters that are brought forward via the President’s calendar. Meeting requestors should be mindful that the President’s calendar, while generally scheduled up to three months in advance, is very dynamic and subject to change.