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Presidential Coin

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The Official Presidential Coin

The Ramapo community was invited to submit designs and ideas for the presidential coin and later invited to vote on their favorites. After a lengthy review of all the talent demonstrated in the designs submitted, the entries of Lauren Vandegrift ’23 and Miriam Sokolska ’22 were chosen to influence the design of the final coin.

When asked what inspired their designs and how it feels to be part of Ramapo College history:

Lauren VandegriftLauren Vandegrift

“I was really excited to try designing this coin because I felt it really needed to embody what Ramapo College is and from a student’s perspective. I really wanted to include symbols that first come to mind when we all think of Ramapo like the Roadrunner and our Arch. I also included a mountain range because the first thing that caught my eye when I visited Ramapo for the first time four years ago was not only the beautiful campus but also its breathtaking view. I based the actual structure of the coin off of the Airman’s coin my older brother received when he became an Airman.

I’m excited to be a part of RCNJ history with regard to this coin because Ramapo has given so much to me and I’m honored to be able to do something in return. I’m happy to be able to play a part in something so special. This college means so much to me and this coin represents so many memories that will continue to be passed down and remade.”

Miriam SokolskaMiriam Sokolska

“I wanted to mix classic Ramapo imagery (the Arch and Roadrunner) and a phrase from our new president, symbolizing a new era for Ramapo College.

It’s heart-warming! I’m so glad I can give back to an institution that has supported my education from the start.”


What does the Ramapo College presidential coin represent?

Exemplary members of our Ramapo College community can be honored by being bestowed with a presidential coin. “Coining” someone is a tradition held across a range of venerable institutions to recognize persons who model the values of the organization, perform their duties exceptionally well, and/or who go above and beyond in the service of others. The tradition continues that once you’ve been coined, you carry the coin with you at all times in the event that the person who coined you asks to see it.

If you know someone who embodies being a bold, kind, and good teammate and who goes above and beyond in the service of others, please don’t be shy about bringing them and their contributions to President Jebb’s attention. Send a note to And remember, if you get coined, always carry the coin with you – you never know when you and President Jebb might cross paths on campus!