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Wellness Policy


Ramapo College will offer programs that empower employees to take initiatives that will lead them on the way to wellness.


To offer programs that focus on the primary components of a healthy lifestyle and empower employees to take initiatives that will lead them on the way to wellness.


Improved job performance, increased work satisfaction and reduced healthcare and insurance costs.



A Wellness Committee comprised of volunteers from various departments on campus was established by the People Operations and Employee Resources Department. They are charged with developing activities and programs to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Employee Participation
  • Participation is voluntary and employees may pick and choose activities as desired.
  • Some programs and activities have nominal costs associated with participation.
  • Activities will be offered primarily during non-work hours such as lunch or before or after business hours. Participation in activities offered during business hours must have the approval of the unit head.
  • Incentives will be offered to reward participation in wellness activities. All incentives will be offered in accordance with NJ state ethics guidelines.

Participation in wellness activities is voluntary and the College is not liable for injuries sustained to employees during their participation in these activities. Please note that before embarking on any physical activity program at the College employees should receive medical clearance from their physician.


Campus personnel and buildings will be used as available along with outside vendors and College insurance providers. The Committee will request college funds and pursue grants to fund wellness initiatives.


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