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Special Training Policy

Ramapo College of New Jersey recognizes that education/training and development programs improve individual and organizational performance and help the College achieve its overall institutional goals. Training programs not only help employees increase their effectiveness by building and refining job skills, but also greatly enhance the level of service provided by the College.

The need to enhance the technology skills of our staff is critical, particularly during this period of rapidly-changing technology. Where such a need has been identified within an administrative unit for specific technical skills, certification or degree, consideration will be given for the College to absorb costs beyond what is allowed through the Tuition Reimbursement Policy or other existing training policies. Decisions will be made based on critical College needs.

Program Details

The Unit Head should develop a proposal outlining the critical need for the skill, certification or degree and identifying the employee(s) intended to participate in the training. The proposal should describe the training program with details about cost, duration and schedule. The proposal should focus on how the College will benefit, why the need is critical, and why the training is not available through a less costly route. Other details would include how any lost time from work will be addressed or other pertinent factors. The proposal should indicate whether the Unit can absorb the cost of the program, or whether other College funds would need to be identified.

Employees participating in this special training opportunity must have at least one year of service at time of application (which can be waived by Board approval) and must remain in the employ of the College for a minimum of one year after completion of the program or be required to refund all of the training costs. Commitment may be greater for some programs.

There will be no overtime/compensatory time compensation for participation and only training costs will be absorbed by the College (not travel, books, fees, etc.)

The Division Head must endorse the request, which should be passed on to the People Operations and Employee Resources Department for review and referral to the VP of Administration & Finance for approval or disapproval and then to the President for final approval or disapproval. The People Operations and Employee Resources Department will notify the Unit Head regarding the decision which is not grievable. There is no right to appeal disapproval.

If the special training opportunity is approved, the proposal, including details outlined above, must be signed by the employee.

January 2002

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