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Exit Procedures

Unit heads are responsible for ensuring that the items listed are collected and returned to the appropriate College offices.

Following is a checklist of items for which the employee is responsible prior to the last day of employment at Ramapo College.

The employee must return any of the applicable items listed below to the supervisor/unit head. The supervisor /unit head who will ensure that all items collected are returned to the appropriate College office as noted.

Item to be returned

Ramapo College keys

Ramapo College uniforms

Ramapo College Library materials

Access cards/stickers for the disabled parking areas

Employee I.D. card

College purchased computer equipment/software

All College-related business records including electronic records and files

Any other College property

Where to return it


Public Safety


Public Safety

People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD)


Unit Head

as appropriate

Please note, any downloaded electronic data must be destroyed or physically returned to the College. On the first business day following the employee’s day of employment, their network account login will be disabled and they will be unable to access any network drive. This includes e-mail, voice mail, network access, access to drives (“P” and “U”), My Luminis/Employee Self-Service, Library on-line data base, and wireless access. If the employee wishes to retrieve any personal information saved on College electronic resources, it must be downloaded by the end of the last day of employment. Unit heads should ensure the employee has not stored any College records on inaccessible or insecure locations such as a local hard drive, portable drive or the individual U: drive.

The employee must repay any money due to the College. Any outstanding balances must be paid in full to Business Services prior to the last day of employment.

The New Jersey Uniform Ethics Code, Section VIII outlines several post-employment restrictions, including the use of confidential information. For more information or questions about the Code, please contact the Ethics Officer at: (201) 684-7504.

All applicable items listed must be completed prior to the issuance of the final paycheck.

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