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Employee Recognition

The Ramapo College of New Jersey Employee Recognition Program was established to acknowledge the good work and special achievements of Ramapo College faculty and staff. The program consists of:

  • Service Awards Program
  • Suggestion Award Program
  • Employee Excellence Awards

Details follow. For additional details, please contact the People Operations and Employee Resources Department on extension 7506.

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Service Awards Program

The Service Awards Program acknowledges faculty and staff upon completion of each five years of employment with the State of New Jersey (i.e. State employment served outside Ramapo College will count). Years of employment are determined in accordance with the New Jersey Administrative Code 4A:6-6.8. Awards consist of certificates and gift items which are presented at the annual Service Awards luncheon.

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Suggestion Award Program


To provide a formal mechanism that will encourage faculty and staff to make suggestions that will produce a notable economy or improve service to the public, student or employee safety, or student or employee welfare.


Any faculty or staff below the level of Vice President and employed by Ramapo College at the time of the submission are eligible to participate in the suggestion program.

Eligible Suggestions

An eligible suggestion is defined as a constructive idea whose design and purpose is to help solve a problem, improve operations or procedures, reduce costs, or make Ramapo College a better place to work. The suggestion must be original, or a new application of an old idea; the suggestion must be implemented; there must be a casual relationship between the suggestion and implementation of the improvement.

Topics not eligible for consideration include complaints and criticisms, wage and salary issues, and non-business concerns. Suggestions not eligible for an award are those which are part of an employee’s duties and which the employee has the authority to change or the responsibility to bring to the attention of a supervisor; those concerning routine maintenance of buildings and grounds which should normally be reported; and those that do not propose a method or way to make an improvement.

How to Submit a Suggestion

All suggestions to be considered for evaluation must be submitted in writing to the People Operations and Employee Resources Department. While there is no prescribed form for the suggestion, there are certain items that must be on each suggestion submitted for consideration. They are:

  • Suggester’s Name
  • Suggester’s Immediate Supervisor
  • Suggester’s Department/Unit
  • Suggestion Topic
  • The current situation and how the current situation can be improved
  • Estimated Savings, including calculations of savings

The People Operations and Employee Resources Department will “log” the suggestion and forward it to the Suggester’s supervisor as well as to affected parties for comment.

The suggestion with all documentation and comments will be forward to Senior Staff for their decision regarding implementation of the suggestion. (Senior Staff may appoint a Suggestion Awards Committee each year).

The suggestion will be evaluated based on:

  • cost-saving features
  • effect on operations
  • effect on quality of services
  • consistency with other ongoing priorities

Approved Suggestions

For suggestions that are approved by Senior Staff for implementation, awards may be made at the discretion of Senior Staff. Awards for money saving suggestions will be 10% of the first-year gains or savings, up to a maximum of $10,000. If it is not possible to determine monetary savings, a cash award may be based on effectiveness of the solution and seriousness of present problem. Awards for suggestions that do not result in easily-measured gains may be considered by Senior Staff. Such awards may be small cash prizes or selected gift items. All awards are subject to federal and state taxes.

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Employee Excellence Awards

This award is to recognize some special accomplishment or contribution. It is up to the employee’s supervisor/unit director to recommend the employee for special recognition. The supervisor/unit director must provide significant justification about why the employee has earned special recognition. The award would be a certificate or prize.

Types of contributions or accomplishments to consider are:

  • Heroism for performance of acts of bravery or personal sacrifice above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position which reflect credit upon Ramapo College of New Jersey.
  • Outstanding acts of public service above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position which reflect credit upon Ramapo College of New Jersey.
  • Professional achievement in recognition of meritorious accomplishments which need not fall entirely within the scope of normal duties.
  • Community service through organization activities outside the workplace.
  • Others as appropriate.

Awards will be at the discretion of Senior Staff. A maximum of two such awards per year will be given.

Board of Trustee Policy #629

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