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Web Development Certificate

Close up of hands programing on a desktop computer

Program Overview

This program deals with essential components of modern Web development – the Internet standards and technologies, databases, frameworks, and programming. It provides a foundation for the successful use of communication and information technologies allowing for the development of rich interactive Websites, use of a variety of data sources, and design of Web assets for personal, commercial, and organizational use.


Courses focus on building modern interfaces, managing information content, and supporting effective connectivity with servers, services, and peer-developed Web products. Client and server-side technologies are studied, as are techniques to maintain the value of Websites despite rapidly changing market conditions.

In order to earn a certificate, Ramapo College matriculated students must successfully complete the three following courses in addition to the specified prerequisites. Non-matriculated students should contact Prof. Vengerov at to review requirements.

Image of Computer Code and reflection of human eyeStudents can customize their paths through the Certificate Program to fit their interests and skills by adding a selection of additional tasks to their choice of the required core tasks. Organizations, sponsoring five or more employees can request specific technologies to include in the additional selections. Additional tasks with more advanced programming, higher business/application model complexity, or higher complexity of the technology design are optional. The three required courses can be taken in three consecutive semesters (including the summer semester).

Participants will learn

  • Methods of Website planning and organization
  • Server and client side scripting and programming of their dynamic functionality
  • Application of Web standards to content and presentation development
  • Use of databases and arbitrary data sources
  • Business models which utilize the latest technological advancements
  • Methods of automation of Web development allowing for rapid prototyping and implementation
  • Web-focused object-oriented programming

This program is intended for

Students of RCNJ and other educational institutions, and business and IT professionals who have the prerequisite preparation and who seek to acquire highly marketable Web development skills.

Online Learning

Our Approach to Online Learning

Classes in this certificate program are delivered online via the Internet, which means you don’t need to come to campus to earn your certificate: You can study from anywhere. Many assignments have weekly schedules but the exact day and hour of scheduling them during each week will be up to you.

To access your course materials, you’ll simply log on to the Internet. You’ll use various means of online communications to get in touch with your instructors and other students. To participate, you’ll need a computer with access to the Web (see technology requirements). Student programs and performance are monitored and evaluated by experienced instructors. After you are accepted and enrolled in a course, you will be mailed instructions on how to access your classes.

Qualities for Success in Online Learning

Prospective participants should consider their learning style and preferences if they intend to apply for distance learning programs. Some points to consider:

  • Online learning can be a good choice, especially if you manage your time well in achieving goals, are effective in working on your own, and are comfortable in getting additional support from Web searches and help files coming with industrial software.
  • Courses rely on written instructions, on-line communications with your instructor, and interactions with your peers. You should be comfortable with learning through reading and communicating primarily in writing.
  • Online learning does save on commuting time. However, these courses require at least as much time as attending classes and completing assignments for classroom-based courses.

How Technology Enhances Your Learning

A course Website provides online lectures and links to additional resources, reading and study directions, quizzes intended for self- and program-assessment, and assignments. E-mail, discussions, scheduled chats, and, in some cases, voice messaging allow you to have your questions answered. Students will send assignments electronically. Each student’s work is evaluated and assigned performance points. The sum of all points will ultimately constitute your grade.


Admission Prerequisite Requirements

Certificate program applicants must have:

  1. Familiarity with basic internet applications (e-mail, Web browsers, FTP, news groups, etc.).
  2. Experience using the Windows operating system (XP or later versions) and standard office productivity tools (e.g., Microsoft Office).
  3. Introductory-level programming and database processing knowledge or current participation in relevant programming courses/certificates or proper sequencing of the Web Development Program courses in order to obtain the necessary introductory programming skills.

Technology Requirements

For online learning delivery of the program, participants must have access to a computer with:

  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Internet Explorer – most current version
  • Windows XP or later
  • Possibility of installing recommended additional software components
Admission / Costs

Application Process

The Web Development Certificate Program accepts and reviews applications on an ongoing basis. The program application process is open to all, including non-U.S. residents.

To Apply

Non-matriculated students must:

  1. Submit a resume listing educational achievements, relevant work or professional experience, and qualifications relative to the admission requirements (above) via email to Prof. Alex Vengerov at
  2. Apply to Ramapo College as a Non-Degree Seeking Student through Ramapo’s Office of Admissions.

Current matriculated Ramapo students must:

  1. Submit a resume listing educational achievements, relevant work or professional experience, and qualifications relative to the admission requirements (above) via email to Prof. Alex Vengerov at
  2. If admitted to the program, complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form available through the Registrar’s Office in order to enroll in this program.  Click on “Change of Major/Minor” to access the form.

Application Review

Applications are evaluated by a review committee. Selection of program participants is based on admission requirements and course capacity. Applicants receive written notification of their acceptance or non-acceptance within two weeks after their application is received.


Applicants accepted to the program receive enrollment information for the first-term course and are encouraged to register and make their tuition payment early. Enrollment in the program is on a first-come, first-served basis.


We maintain a waitlist for applicants accepted after the program has reached enrollment capacity. If space becomes available, waitlisted applicants will be notified and given an opportunity to enroll. If space does not become available, waitlisted applicants will be offered a space in the next program offering.

Fees and Tuition

Once accepted and registered, tuition is payable on a course-by-course basis.  In addition, all relevant non-tuition related charges (e.g., dishonored check fees, etc.) apply. To view Fees and Tuition information, please visit the Office of Student Accounts website at

New Ramapo College students accepted into the program will receive an “R” number in the mail from The Office of the Registrar. The “R” number is your identification number in the college database that identifies you and your personal information as a student at the College. You will need to reference this number to request transcripts and review grades or to make a credit card payment. To pay by credit card, log on to our website. Enter your College ID  (“R” number) and PIN (will be provided with your “R” number); then click on the Login Now button. If you choose the credit card method of payment, please note that the credit card vendor will add a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.75% (minimum $3.00) to your payment. There is no transaction fee for charge to debit card. This excludes cost of textbooks and/or other required or optional learning aids.

Earning the Certificate

A minimum C-level grade is required for the acceptance of the course toward certificate completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for the Web Development Certificate?
To earn a certificate, students must successfully complete three courses: Website Development (INFO240), Advanced Web Development (INFO402), Technology Enhanced Business (INFO450).

Q: Who should apply for the Web Development Certificate Program?
Students of RCNJ and other educational institutions, and business and IT professionals who have the prerequisite preparation and who seek to acquire highly marketable Web development skills.

Q: How long does the certificate take to complete?
The Web Development Certificate can be completed at your own pace. All courses are online and are offered during various semesters throughout the year. Minimum time could be half a year (if you are well prepared), but usually, it takes about a year. Your optimal schedule should be discussed with the Program coordinator.

Q: Who do I contact to get an override into a course?
If you are having trouble with registration and/or need an override into a course, please contact Alex Vengerov at (201) 684-7345 or

Q: Is the Web Development Certificate program eligible for financial aid?
 If you are a current Ramapo College student receiving aid, the required classes are part of your normal course schedule, therefore are paid through your college account. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (201) 684-7549 to see how many credits you are covered for through financial aid. If you are not a matriculated Ramapo College student, this program is not eligible for financial aid because it is a non-degree program.

Q: What is the total cost of the program?
The courses for the Web Development Certificate are all credit-bearing Ramapo College courses and tuition is established annually by the Board of Trustees. The cost per credit is dependent on the semester in which courses are taken, as well as in-state or out-of-state status. To view the tuition cost per credit, please visit the Office of Student Accounts website at

Q: Will this program appear on my transcript?
Yes, all required courses taken as part of the Web Development Certificate program are recorded on your Ramapo College official transcript. Once completed, your certificate is noted as earned on your Ramapo transcript.  Transcripts may be requested online on the Registrar’s website at


For Coursework Content Information, contact:

Prof. Alex Vengerov (ASB-211)
Ramapo College of New Jersey
505 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Phone: (201) 684-7345

For additional application information, contact:

Office of Admissions
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Phone: (201) 684-7300
Fax: (201) 684-7964